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Better than hypnosis

What is Subliminal Hypnosis and Does it Actually Work?

Everyone is familiar with hypnosis but the idea of subliminal hypnosis may not be as familiar to them. Hypnosis is a process where a person uses inductions to deliver suggestions to the subject.

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Shine and Rise Life Coaching

Business Name: Shine and Rise Life Coaching Coach Name: TK Burd City, State: Vancouver, BC, Canada Website: Shine

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Subconscious Mind Power – How to Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

As humans, we each possess subconscious mind power. Here you will learn about mind power and how to properly utilize it in order to create desirable results in your life.

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Unexpected Art, LLC

Business Name: Unexpected Art Coach Name: Angela Moore Street Address: City, State: Cleveland, OH Phone: 330-714-2758 Fax: n/a Website:

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Self Improvement Programs Genuine Reviews

Self improvement programs genuine reviews from people who are truly committed to spend time daily on the self-developement with use of audio and other types of product.

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NLP Persuasion – The Power to Persuade Anyone, Anytime, for Any Reason

When I first came across neuro linguistic programming, the NLP persuasion techniques were what got my attention right away. A lot of business professionals are using these techniques to increase sales

Continue reading "NLP Persuasion – The Power to Persuade Anyone, Anytime, for Any Reason"

NLP Sales Training – Could Your Closing Skills Use a Secret Weapon?

NLP sales training refers to the use of neuro linguistic programming techniques to enhance sales closing abilities. These techniques are commonly used by those who want to override thought.

Continue reading "NLP Sales Training – Could Your Closing Skills Use a Secret Weapon? "

NLP Techniques – An Insider’s Guide to Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques

NLP techniques are proven strategies for self improvement used in the practice of neuro linguistic programming. Professionals use those strategies here their secrets.

Continue reading "NLP Techniques – An Insider’s Guide to Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques"

NLP Training Courses for Business or Personal Change

One of the first uses for NLP training courses was in the world of psychology. Now days there is vast audience of people uses those courses here the reasons.

Continue reading "NLP Training Courses for Business or Personal Change"

NLP Certification – Getting Ahead with NLP Courses

You do not have to be a psychologist or even a college graduate to go for your NLP certification. NLP courses are suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their own confidence levels

Continue reading "NLP Certification – Getting Ahead with NLP Courses"

Learn NLP and Make The Impossible Possible!

I decided to learn NLP after reading how much success others have achieved through regular practice. Like many others, I did not know what NLP was, and was not familiar with any of the NLP techniques

Continue reading "Learn NLP and Make The Impossible Possible!"

Easy Yoga Moves

Yoga moves are part of an ancient holistic approach to keep the mind and body working optimally. The benefits of yoga exercise and moves are here explained.

Continue reading "Easy Yoga Moves"

What Is a Brainwave Generator?

The principals used in a brainwave generator are also part of ancient Voodoo or Wiccan ceremonies and found at modern day casinos.

Continue reading "What Is a Brainwave Generator?"

Brainwave Frequencies Types

Brainwave frequencies can be changed by brainwave entrainement or by traditional meditation if you'd like learn more keep on reading.

Continue reading "Brainwave Frequencies Types"

Brain Wave Entrainment an Easy Way to Improve Your life

Why brain wave entrainment are becoming so popular among self improvement people and how they can help you.

Continue reading "Brain Wave Entrainment an Easy Way to Improve Your life"

Why Brain Enhancement Can Improve Your Health

A lot of people consider brain enhancement products ineffective if do not involve dangerous chemicals. But this not the truth. The brain is capable of far more than we ever imagined.

Continue reading "Why Brain Enhancement Can Improve Your Health"


Business Name:ForeverNow Coach Name: Mindy Millington Street Address:11 Catherine Way City, State: Cartersville, GA 30120 Phone: 678-791-4131 Fax: 305-890-2721

Continue reading "ForeverNow"

The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

The 11 forgotten Laws is an audio program create by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey two self improvement experts. It's based on the Law of Attraction and 10 other Laws, forgotten from The Secret.

Continue reading "The 11 Forgotten Laws Review"

RVA Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Business Name: RVA Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching Coach Name: Debbie Parker Street Address: 615 Twin Ridge Ln City, State: Richmond, VA 23235 Phone: (804)

Continue reading "RVA Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching"

Career Goal Setting

Before you attempt career goal setting, it's important to make sure you're setting goals for the right career field. Career goals give you useful guidance when making crucial decisions for your future

Continue reading "Career Goal Setting"

Kate Walker

Kate is a business, and car experienced professional lives of human resources. Having worked in Human Resources for two decades.She has worked for global

Continue reading "Kate Walker"

Worldwide Life Coach Directory Submission Form

Get a free listing by filling up the life coach directory submission. You get your full page dedicate for your services.

Continue reading "Worldwide Life Coach Directory Submission Form"

Personal Development Plans For Everyone

The importance of personal development plans is critical for improving all area of a person life. Learn here what's the best way and how.

Continue reading "Personal Development Plans For Everyone"

Route Two Results

Business Name: Route Two Results Coach Name: Randy Boek Street Address: Seattle City, State: Seattle, WA 98101 Phone:425-242-5039 Fax: Website:

Continue reading "Route Two Results "

What's mind control hypnosis?

Mind control hypnosis is not like in the old movie, but it's possible to achieve great results with it. How to increase over all quality of life.

Continue reading "What's mind control hypnosis?"

Become a Life Coach Tips And Strategies

How to become a life coach tips and strategies for busy people. Practical steps for becoming Life Coach

Continue reading "Become a Life Coach Tips And Strategies"

Life Works Success Coaching, LLC

Alaisha Capers is an online Life Coach and the founder of Life Works Success Coaching. A life coaching business that aims in empowering the individuals

Continue reading "Life Works Success Coaching, LLC"

Career Coaches and Your Future

Some very successful business owners and professionals have consulted with some career coaches at some point in their career. Read how to find a good one.

Continue reading "Career Coaches and Your Future"

How a Career Aptitude Test Can Help You!

The career aptitude test is becoming one of the most used tool for choosing jobs. These tests can help you achive better carrer decision and better life style.

Continue reading "How a Career Aptitude Test Can Help You!"

Attract Abundance Using These Five Things

How to attract abundance more happiness, health, love,wealth. A full description of basics important points that can be easily implemented in daily life.

Continue reading "Attract Abundance Using These Five Things"

Self Improvement Software

Self improvement software programs can come to your aid whether you are dealing with a train wreck in the name of life or just need a few nips and tucks to achieve your coveted goals

Continue reading "Self Improvement Software"

Become a Life Coach

If you want to become a life coach, it indicates that you have a desire to assist others in discovering their true potential, and help them in of clarifying their goals and achieving them.

Continue reading "Become a Life Coach"

Anger Management Courses

Anger management courses are a very important component of the overall self development course. Anger is necessary to survival and a powerful part of each life, but it has to be controlled.

Continue reading "Anger Management Courses"


The Self Improvement Program Club wishes to all the readers and Very Happy Christmas and fabulous 2015 full of Joy!!!!

What is a Life Coach

Many individuals today are asking, What is a life coach? Today, more than ever, people are interested in discovering the meaning of life and their role in the world.

Continue reading "What is a Life Coach"

What Are Subliminal Recordings and Do They Actually Work?

Many people are using subliminal recordings to help improve their lives. These recordings are basically audio tracks with subliminal messages embedded inside them, here some tips.

Continue reading "What Are Subliminal Recordings and Do They Actually Work?"

Subliminal Persuasion - Is It Really Possible?

Subliminal persuasion offers a new insight to the topic of persuasion. We're all aware of how important it is to learn the skills of persuasion. Here how it works.

Continue reading "Subliminal Persuasion - Is It Really Possible?"

Stress Relief Toys - Playing And Relax

Stress relief toys, like those stress relief balls, are in high demand these days. Life is a lot more complicated now than it was in years past.

Continue reading "Stress Relief Toys - Playing And Relax"

Stress Relief Balls- How To Guide!

Stress relief balls are one of the many stress relief toys that are on the market to help combat the anxiety and calm the nerves. Here some tips on them.

Continue reading "Stress Relief Balls- How To Guide!"

Online Life Coach – What are the Advantages?

An online life coach is a professional trained to help clients analyze their lives, identify problems, find solutions to problems, and put their life in order.

Continue reading "Online Life Coach – What are the Advantages?"

Subliminal Software: Separating The Fact from Fiction!

Subliminal software harnesses the power of the subconscious mind to bring about a positive change in your life. Here how it works.

Continue reading "Subliminal Software: Separating The Fact from Fiction!"

Speed Reading Software: The facts about these programs!

While speed reading software programs are fairly new to the market, the art of enhancing reading speed has been around for a while. Here how to take advantage of these techniques.

Continue reading "Speed Reading Software: The facts about these programs!"

Self Improvement Articles for You-

Self improvement articles full of tips, advices, techniques that helps you create better new thoughts, feelings, actions. Submit an Article too.

Continue reading "Self Improvement Articles for You-"

How to Find Happiness

How to Find Happiness - Marcus Aurelius Antoninus once stated: Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

Continue reading "How to Find Happiness"

What is Self Esteem? The Real Truth About It!

The simple and true meaning of what is self esteem is how you feel about yourself on inside and outside. If people keep putting you down here you learn why.

Continue reading "What is Self Esteem? The Real Truth About It!"

Would a Self Esteem Test Help You to achieve your Goals?

Is it possible that taking a self esteem test would help you to feel better about yourself? Here a simple test for you to take and some tips on this topic.

Continue reading "Would a Self Esteem Test Help You to achieve your Goals?"

Self Esteem Exercises- Improve Your Boost Your Self Esteem With Them

Self esteem exercises change how you view yourself in your own mind. The way we see ourselves shines through and that is exactly how others see us too read more here.

Continue reading "Self Esteem Exercises- Improve Your Boost Your Self Esteem With Them"

Self Esteem Activities- Change You and Ultimately Your Life !

Self esteem activities can help almost everyone, because at some level, in some areas, everyone lacks confidence. Learn how we can improve our life here.

Continue reading "Self Esteem Activities- Change You and Ultimately Your Life !"

How to Build Self Esteem in Five Steps

Many people today are looking for information about how to build self esteem. As we go through life, things happen to change our perspective about who we are.....

Continue reading "How to Build Self Esteem in Five Steps"

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