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Self Improvement Expert

Hi my name is Graziano. I am the creator of this brand new website, the first real meeting point for personal development people.

As I said in the home page, I'm not an authority or some sort of guru in the field. I am more an explorer. I have been exploring the self improvement world for the last 5 years.

I've started my exploration as consequence of a life defeat but, I prefer to look at it as a “life challenge”. As the sage says: “watch the words you speak because they create your own world”.

And now I can say after so many years of exposing myself to self improvement material that my life has to changed for the better. So daftely I would like to say I am not expert because I don't work directly in this field yet.

But all the pages in this website are directly on indireclty from knowdlge that I learned from studies of self improvement audio program, books, and other material that helped me to achieve grater level of awereness compare to just few years ago.

A few years ago I was exposed to a very strange but appealing idea by watching a famous movie “ The Secret”. I'm sure you've heard of it. The idea was that you create your own life with your thoughts first before you see the results into the physical world.

A lot of speculation was made about that movie. But I see that as an idea that changes your prospective in life. You see, I have always had a very strong belief that everything is possible if I did the work, that if I wanted something I had to go and get it.

My Starting Point!

That kind attitude is not a bad thing. Actually it can very positive thing because, when I had some bad time I always believed that I could turn things around. Having stubborn personality has limitations though, because sooner or later one will forget the big picture. That's what happened to me. Of course, I paid the price for having that attitude.

So one day I stopped and started to question myself about my beliefs. I had gotten curious to see if I could approach life in different way. At that time a dear friend of mine introduced me to meditation. I loved the idea of meditating! Even after practicing for a while I didn't see any results though, I found it really difficult to master.

Continuous Effort in Learning leads to...

I still in love with the idea of having a mind that has more control over thoughts, emotion and actions. I strongly believed that meditation was the way to go for me. Not the in traditional way but instead a technological one, called Binaural beats. I have gotten great results with it.

All this searching lead me to self-hypnosis, nlp, and all of the other subjects that are discussed here within this website. All the mind control techniques for improving results in life, from an inside-out approach, rather then an outside one.

Self Improvement Expert

So I decided a few months ago( at the time of this writing) to overcome one of my biggest challenges, which is writing, by creating this website on personal development.

This is a real challenge for me because English is not my first language (I am Italian but I've lived for many years in Ireland) and I've never been very good at writing.

Me and Bob Proctor at his Seminar

So now after 18 months Self-Improvement-Program-Club.com popularity is growing at faster pace thanks to my regular readers and also my SBI Weapon .

The Important of Sharing Your Knowledge

This website is dedicated to all the people in self improvement, that want to meet and share with other people their own experiences on products, strategies and methodologies. Because change is something that happens but growth is something we choose. Hope you find this website exciting and you are willing to share your experience with the club.

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