What Is The Healthy Body
Healthy Mind Connection?

The healthy body healthy mind connection was an important component for many centuries of human civilization from a philosophic, spiritual and religion point of

view. But what is the extent of the connection between the two things?

Have you ever ask yourself if it is all true? And what is the level of this truth? I mean do you really think that there is connection between these two?

Many people approach this topic from a point of separation because there are no really evidence that they can see with their own eyes. Other people believe in this connection but they see it purely metaphorically.

You are probably wondering whether you should work out in the gym, go for running or do any types of fitness exercises? Or should you go for more holistic type of approach like meditation, tai chi, yoga, or these types of methods?

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Dualistic View

So many people live in dualistic way. So let me tell you fist I not a qualified person to tell you what kind of practice is best for you. But I can tell you that Universe is an inclusive place.

"So if you find yourself think in dualistic way give up that thought immediately."

Also it's extremely important that whatever type of self improvement material you read, do not assume it's all true or genuine.

But experience it for yourself if you like any of this ideas that you find in here or elsewhere, and then be patient with yourself too. Just keep in mind that if you're going to improve at anything you need to keep practicing.

Having said that, we can move forward into healthy body healthy mind connection.

Relationship Between
The Mind and the Body

I believe, and based on the experience of the last few years of practicing some of this methods is very possible that are related, but the extent of this relationship changes

Yoga moves

from person to person. It all depends from the level of awareness that a person has developed. Scientific research done in many parts of the world in last few years. They are pointing in the same direction: that mind and body are interconnected.

I believe in the next 40 to 50 years we are going to have some major break trough in this field. We are going to have a world by through the use of specific holistic and technologies tools we will able to cure any types of illness.

Taking Responsibility

When I found out that many diseases are may related to stress some like: high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer, allergies at many many more. I become curious about this topic. So, I decided to start by experimenting bit on the connection of healthy body healthy mind. Maybe I was at right point in my life or maybe because I came to realize that we do create or co-create everything 100% in life. The first thing I done is to take responsibility for my mind and my body. I am strongly recommend you to do the same. I'm not saying this is easy path. Hey, I have still long way to go to, and I still working on it, too.

Steps For Body And Mind Connection

The time commitment for an healthy body and healthy mind is the only thing required. It's just like pick the phone and make an appointment with your hairdresser, and than you make sure to be there on time. Time is the main thing make sure you put a side at least 10-30 minutes a day, dedicated to this practices. Here the steps:

  • So first step for an healthy mind healthy body is not easy one, quiet the mind-- the best tool for quite the mind is meditation. I start practicing meditation at first few times a week and then almost every day first 10 minutes to 20 minutes, 30 minutes and so on. In the beginning I was having bit pain in my lower back, so I decided to use a meditation pillows to help me keep my body in a comfortable posture. If you haven't done yet, I suggest you to start with meditation for beginners. And then you can go on to more expert ones. You even try in traditional way or more technological one. At first it is very difficult to master. Your mind will fight back. But the more you practice the more you become good at it. Meditating will become a natural part of your daily life. It's just like brushing your teeth, having shower, eating, and sleeping. After while you don't want miss that time with yourself.
  • The second step that I done in the pursuit of healthy body healthy mind connection. I tried to shift my body energy with and less common physical exercise. So I've started practising some yoga moves even if not a natural thing to do for my body not so. Yoga is a very powerful tool for your body energy. There many types of Yoga moves, I strongly recommend that you find one that suits you best. Click here to know more about different yoga moves. Yes Yoga and Meditation was a good idea!
  • The third step of the formula was more normal, let's say more "classic". A healthy diet which is the true key factor to create the bridge between an healthy body and healthy mind. Start to pay attention to the food that you eat and notice the energy level and mood after any meal. The point is if we want have healthy body healthy mind, we all need to have a diet full of fruit and vegetables (I always take more then daily recommended portion I try to double it.) Mixing with other type of food like proteins/carbohydrate with fiber but in low quantities. It is also a good thing to use a daily supplement mix especially if your diet is not great for vitamins and Omega 3.
  • The extra step on the same idea of gaining more control over your mind and body, an extra step that anyone who needs to lose weight should consider, is self hypnosis for weight loss. It is a powerful way to achieve healthy body healthy mind in reasonable time. So many people have success with this method.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Conclusion

So this are the my three/four steps to create a connection between healthy body healthy mind. That I personally recommend, even do there are many other ways. The idea is to experiment with those practice or other similar, and see the results that you get. Normally the results don't come over night, so be patient. The bridge between the mind and the body is the action that one takes.

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