The Secret
Law Of Attraction

Are You Working With It Or Against It?

The secret law of attraction is not so secret any more after the movie The Secret. But not so many people were able to achieve results with use of it. No more millionaires in the world, or new loving relationships actually since

the movie came out the all world it's less well off compare to few years ago.

It's estimate so far that a billion of people have watched The Secret. So why a lot of people did not get the things they wanted in life.

It's possible that the secret law of attraction failed for them or because they didn't actually use in the right way.

"The secret Law of attraction" is one of powerful Laws of Universe even if it's not the only one.

The law is based to an understanding of the all this other laws too. But if you try to attract something in your life by work with The Law of Attraction and nothing happen. It's not because the the law of attraction is not working for you!

What Is The Secret Law Of

How many attempts to walk before we actually do it when we were kid. It's same thing with “The Law of Attraction (LoA)”. I will give 3 step formula that help me to use the law but before I do, there are other things that you need to know.

The Law of Attraction states:

That whatever we can image in the mind, and we constantly expect and think about. This will set in motion in real life the things, conditions and circumstances that are in harmony with that very thing we want manifest."

In other words we can say the act of imagination, thinking and expectation set a chain of events things and circumstances that are in alignment with the same thing we try to manifest.

Science has convincingly proven the existence and the constant operation of the Law of mental attraction. So our predominant:"mental attitude” is the primary cause of most everything that comes into our lives, and the sooner we realize this truth, the sooner we shall begin to improve our lives.

Law of attraction Magnet

So “The Secret Law of Attraction” is real at works 100% of the time. Do not make the mistake of thinking is not real or that works only few times. It's exactly like the law of gravity in the physical world, you don't see the gravity but is there working all the time.

This law has not bad or positive effect on people and circumstances it's just is. I f you find having a life which is not the way you wanted it, please don't think the law is working against you. The thing that you need to realize is that you have work with it consciously rather that unconsciously.

The Law of Attraction is based on the attraction generate from your unconsciously mind rather that you conscious mind! So you need to impress your unconscious mind with ideas of things that you like to manifest in reality.

There two components in this process that are vital important in order to work in harmony with The Secret Law of Attraction. Sometime this two components are misunderstood or remain unknown. This are desire and expectation.

Two Unknown Factors For Working
With The Low Of Attraction!

"Desire" is the invisible thing that put a person in connection with the thing desired. If this connection becomes week or it's interrupt that person will delay the achievement of his goal or miss it. But if the desire or ambition remains strong the goal will be achieved.

Law of attraction GUY

But the desire without "expectation" is mare wishing and dreaming, loss of valuable energy. Expectation is a thing that you use all the time when you other normal thing in life that you aspect to happen. Like open your kitchen tap, you expect the water to run.

In order word expectation it's the feeling of certainty you about to receive. Or you can say that desire is thing the will bring to manifestation the vary thing that you require.

The important part in this all process is to clear your self from you liming believes that you have in your mind so that expectation comes easily. You can do it by try to operate from a bigger point of view that you do normally, so call awareness.

When we ask for something we expect the thing to coming from places that we already know. But this is wrong, you must be open to possibility in order to manifest the thing you want.

This the true meaning of working in harmony with “The Secret Law of Attraction

State Of Mind And Low Of Attraction

The Secret Law of Attraction state that whatever you hold in your mind it manifests into physical reality. The idea is to align the unconscious mind, where the real power is, with the conscious mind.

I going to give a clear process where you can use to follow your natural path.

First step is to practice is INTEREST just pay attention to thing you are interest in. You can even write the things that you don' like in life on the paper and burn it. And then you write the opposite of them on sheet, the things that you want in life. A read aloud twice a day.

So what we're interested in doing is going to control where we go, what we do and who we're going to do it with.

Second step is to practice ATTENTION to have high interest is not enough because wont effect your unconscious mind. You need to develop awareness this the key. So the more you focus on what you are interest in the more we give more energy to the things we desire.

Train your self to give more energy to things you desire and you're interest in. everyday by read a statement. This magnetize more of thoughts and more focus to this area you interest in. What ever you give your attention grows.

Third step is EXPECTATION this is an active form of attention. It is attention with intensity. An example is a cat waiting to catch a mouse at the mouse hole. The cat believes he will get the mouse eventually. If the cat did not believe, will drop his interest and attention so low intensity.

"So you need to expect the things that you want to manifest . Or even better believe that whatever you desire is coming to you."

When you believe you can achieve success you will put all your attention and you energy focus in it. So that success will manifest.

The secret Law Of Attraction it's always working. If you use this practice and you don't sussed. Don't worry because it's temporally fail. The fail is just information that you can use to redirect your focus on the things you desire.

By the way failing is just a feed back mechanism, so the more you fail the more information you own, so that you can use them to get closer to you desire. By doing so your mind will be filled with more conviction that helps to attract the good you desire into your life. So that for sure you will ready this time for success and happy life.

The Secret Low Of Attraction Conclusion

Finally I hope you got something out of this page and please let me know how can help you with Law of Attraction or any other topics on the site. To learn more go read The 11 Forgotten Laws Review!

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