What Are Alpha
Brain Waves?

Techniques For Achieving Alpha Brain State

Alpha Brain Waves refer to the way the brain functions during a relaxed state. Now bear in mind that we are not talking about being asleep, just a relaxed and aware state of mind. Here is where we are going to be talking about brain entrainment. This is the simple technique of training the brain to go into the alpha state.

    1) Research has determined that when listening to certain types of music the brain waves are caused to go into a relaxed state which is more conducive to learning. There are a number of sources for obtaining this type of music.

    2) Meditation is also believed to be another way of achieving an alpha state. Most of us have heard of Transcendental Meditation.

    3) Yoga is another method of brain entrainment that has been practiced for centuries. It can be used to effectively way to reach the optimal state for learning.

    4) Floating in a float tank can help achieve a super learning state of relaxation. This is also a method that has been used for centuries by some to achieve alpha brain waves during brain entrainment exercises. Dr. Lilly discovered this phenomenon in more recent years as he experimented with the notion of sensory deprivation.

    5) Jose Silva has also developed a method of meditation that is very effective in helping with brain entrainment.

    6) Breathing rhythmically and taking on a relaxed posture while in an environment of peace is another way to achieve relaxation. Many Eastern disciplines like tai-chi, aikido, and Yoga teach rhythmic breathing techniques. Many people find that they are able to learn new languages during this type of relaxation.

    7) Brain entrainment or brain wave synchronization can also use light and sound machines to achieve alpha state of mind. Similar to the way drums have been used for centuries to bring on a hypnotic state, lights and sound can be use to reach a desired brain wave state. There are machines available today that can help the individual to achieve the alpha brain waves state. These machines use headphones and goggles which emit sounds and lights that are intended to synchronize the brain waves to those sounds and lights.

    8) Biofeedback is another method that is used to train the body to respond to mental commands, and there are also machines available today to help in this.

    9) Autogenics is another method that is similar to biofeedback.

    10) As you are falling asleep, you naturally fall into an alpha state, and the same is true when you are waking naturally from sleep.

This is not the same when you are wakened by the alarm. Harnessing this alpha state during waking is simple to do. During those moments when you are waking naturally, turn your thoughts to the subject matter you would like to learn. This can be especially beneficial when you are not feeling pressured to get up and get your day started. When you have a specified time when you have to get up, you can still use this method of using alpha brain waves by changing to a less stress generating alarm. One that uses gentle, quiet music that builds slowly will work to get your day started on a learning note.

Conclusion On Alpha Brain Waves

The time it takes to achieve the desired state of mind is always dependent upon the individual and the amount of practice they have with workable techniques.

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