Five Key Things To
Attract Abundance!

When you hear talking about how to attract abundance what do you picture in your mind? The first thing that comes to my mind is a store house. From where I can attract anything I

want without any problem and/or limitation at any time.

Once there I start to attract anything that I want to have, be or do.

Things like: a new car, or new love, or relationship, or sailing booth, a dreamed trip, anything at all.

Or maybe to be more confident, more lovable, more intelligent, more courageous, or more optimist, or more outgoing, or just be more my real self without any restriction of any sort.

This the picture that comes into my mind when I want to attract abundance.

Just to make clear that to attract abundance does not mean merely attracting objects from a materialistic point of view. But it is richness of spirit, mind and body.

So you're probably thinking what's your receipt for it. Before I go head and explain to you the key component for me. I want to remind you abundance is not something that you chase but it comes to you. 

That's why it's called "attracting abundance"

attract abundance

Here the missing link on this subject for many people, especially after watch the hit movie The Secret. People were led to believe, that you just need to ask, do some sort of visualization and then you can receive the asked thing.

It's not that simple. Because in order to receive anything that you request from the universe, source or whatever you call it, you need to become more. The Secret Law of Attraction plays a big a part in this but it's not the only one. Before I tell you about these factors, keep in mind that you can receive anything you want in life but you must be ready to receive.

What I mean is that you need to prepare yourself for that moment, otherwise you could not see the package that the UPS guy delivered at your door step.

What I am saying is that the preparation that you do, it's directly related to things that you're manifesting in life. So what you see around you is the result of your attraction or in other words is the result of daily exercises of your "thoughts, feeling and action consciously or unconsciously" .

The Way is Here You're Not Aware Yet

If this is your first time that you heard about it, you think that's all baloney. Yes, that was my approach not that long ago.

Then I started to entertain the idea of a vague possibility that I can Be, Have, Do...whatever I want. Then I saw that I have no limits apart the one I will put myself in cooperation with the universe. Now I've started to have hope on my side, and that gives me options.

So attract abundance is in other word for a shift of awareness from a victim hood mentality to and empowering one.

So just start with this idea fix in your mind will gives you hope. An then I suggest that you start to implement this concept as soon is possible. Here I want to share with you this key 5 points that you need to study and understand deeply. But the way don't forget to apply them, as follows:

  1. How the Secret Law of Attraction works
  2. Finding your life purpose is essential part of self development
  3. Vision Board is something helps get clear on your the direction in life.
  4. Daily motivation to keep your engine going!
  5. Daily Affirmations are very important for reprogramming the unconscious mind!

Attract Abundance For Yourself Now

I hope you find this helpful and you start implement this idea in your life. Also do not be afraid or anxious in the process of attracting abundance. And let me know what you think about it leave your comments or your recipe below here.  Learn how you can attract your new car!

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