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If you want to become a life coach, it indicates that you have a desire to not only assist others in discovering their true potential, but that you are highly interested in helping others in the process of clarifying their goals and, ultimately, achieving

those goals. You will provide the people that you work with – these are typically referred to as “clients” – with the tools, strategies and other types of resources that will help them excel in one or more aspects of who they are as individuals.

While it is true that anyone may become a life coach, it is best to obtain a life coaching certification for the profession. Not only will this provide you with a higher level of respect from potential clients, but it will provide you with the education and knowledge required to be the most motivating and inspirational life coach to those that you work with.

Life Coaching Explained


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If you want to life coach, it is essential that you learn a little about the field. Now, grant it, I am really not what you would call an “Expert” on the profession. And it's not my profession. But, I would say that my expertise lies in life – in general. It is in people and their best interests.

However, I do know a bit about how to become a life coach as I obtained my life coaching certification and have numerous experiences assisting friends achieve their personal best. Life coaching is about assisting people in the constant transitional phase that they are in - from one experience to another, one lesson to another or even from sorrow to happiness.

It is about helping others create the life that they have a desire to live and a passion to develop. It is about taking your life experiences, lessons, sorrows and happiness and transferring it to another human so that they may, in turn, discover their true potential and achieve their personal best. It is a partnership that extends past the typical professional and client relationship. It is about being committed to seeing outside you so that others may see within themselves.

The Life Coaching Certification

The life coaching certification is a document that verifies that you have mastered the skills and concepts that are required in order to help others succeed in virtually every aspect of their lives – relationships, friendships, finances, careers and spirituality. If you want to become a life coach, the life coaching certification will not only help you change the lives of those that you work with, but it will also assist in changing your life as well.

Life Coach

This certification indicates that you have concluding a comprehensive training program that includes coursework on everything from achieving goals to zeroing in on strengths and weaknesses in order to capitalize on them in one way or another. If you have the passion to become a life coach, this certification will assist you in allowing you to live your dream.

In my experience, I have found that it has provided me with the edge that I need to give others – regardless of background, socioeconomic status or profession – the personal knowledge that they need to uncover their purpose, their passion and their power.


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