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Guide For You

If you’re planning to take fish oil, then you need to know how to get the best fish oil possible. While it may seem simple enough to take this supplement, buying fish oil is a different story altogether. You must know how to buy a good fish oil because the omega 3 supplements are not always equal.

What You Need to Know When Buying
Omega 3 Fish Oil Products

The first thing you need to be aware about is the fact that the concentration of the fish oil in the supplements vary. A quality supplement will have a high  concentration while cheaper ones will have lower ones.

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 You want to make sure you get your money's worth. If you're going to take this supplement, it's better to invest in a quality supplement.

The second thing you want to look for is omega 3 fish oil supplements with a high content of EPA and DHA. These are two different kinds of omega 3 fats and it's good to get both sources. If the supplement lists that it has a balance of both EPA and DHA, then you're probably looking a really quality fish oil product.

The third thing to look at in order to get the best fish oil product possible is to make sure that the company tests for things like mercury, PCBs, and heavy metals. While it is standard for many companies to do this, some are stricter in doing their testing and will have very low concentrations of these materials. This is what leads to a higher quality product.

Some Brands That Have
Received Positive Reviews

So what are some of the brands that you should consider? Xtend-Life, Nature's Own, and Nordic Naturals have all received positive reviews from customers. These are affordable brands that sell very solid products. You may have noticed that these companies are leaders in the supplement market and sell hundreds of other vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

You should always read the customer reviews if you're looking for the best fish oil. Many online shopping sites allow for feedback and you can read what people are saying before you go through and make the purchase. Also make sure that the reviews are real reviews and not from third party sites where the site owner has made it up in order to make a commission.

Best Fish Oil for Kids And
Other Premium Products

Fish oil is primarily for adults so you should take note that it's not good to give the same supplement to your kids. Some people may recommend against giving kids fish oil supplements because miniscule amounts of mercury can build up in the blood. Kids are less tolerant to heavy metals and mercury. However, it can actually be good for them provided that they get a smaller dosage.

Nordic Naturals is known to have fish oil supplements for kids. Just be sure that you look for supplements for kids as younger people will have different needs. Do not just blindly give them a regular fish oil supplement thinking that it is the same thing because it is not.

There are some premium products such as krill oil (fish oil from krills) and 100% salmon fish oil. These products cost more than the average fish oil because they are targeted towards consumers that only want the best. So why should you even look at these products?

These products have a higher concentration of fish oil. They also contain antioxidants and may last longer than the other products. In a nutshell, you are paying for a more nutrient packed fish oil product. Other than that, these products are no different from a good fish oil product. You won't see a vastly different result from taking these products.


In conclusion, you must take some time and look at different products if you're looking for the best fish oil. There are numerous factors such as the testing, amount of EPA/DHA, the type of fish oil, and the brand. Sometimes it will be worthwhile to pay a little more in order to get a quality product. If you want the best bang for your buck, online reviews will help in the decision making process.

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