Brain Enhancement

A lot of people consider brain enhancement products ineffective if don’t involve dangerous chemicals. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The brain is the body’s computer and capable of far more than we ever imagined.

Several scientific studies show that many of the para-psychological occurrences such as ESP and out of body experiences not only exist, but you can learn how to increase your aptitude to experience the phenomena.

Health Benefits

Practical applications  brain entrainment also exist, such as health benefits such as lowering blood pressure. Yogis have practiced controlling their respiration, heartbeat, blood pressure and other autonomic functions for centuries. Yet today, many people turn to the quick fix of a pill that can cause other physical problems rather than take the time to learn meditation to lower their blood pressure or control other physical problems that may exist.

Learn How To Enhance Your Brain

The good news is that you don’t have to spend years learning yoga or become a Buddhist monk to learn to help yourself with brain enhancement. Many newer programs offer brain entrainment applications to teach your brain to enter various states conducive to changing your brain’s frequency and solving many of the health and emotional problems we all face daily. These brain enhancement programs retrain the brain to produce higher or lower frequencies to achieve desired results.

Brain Enhancement Is
Not Magic, It’s Science

It may sound a little like something mystical, but I assure you, it’s basic brain science. The brain controls all the functions of the body from telling the body which hormones to produce to alerting the body that it needs to eat. When the messages are inaccurate, the body develops disease.

Windows of your mind

Specific brain entrainment programs help you enter various states. For instance, enkephalins, a natural painkiller come from the brain when you’re in a 4.0 Hz Delta state. Even lower delta states, such as 2.5 Hz allow the brain to direct the hypothalamus or pituitary gland to produce other painkillers called endogenous opioid peptides, a neurotransmitter.

Brain entrainment CDs often are devoted to specific types of brain retraining. Each type of brainwave has beneficial uses and the CDs often combine them to help retrain your brain in a very specific manner that is helpful to your problem or achieving your desire. These can even help you become more intuitive or psychic.

While that might sound like quite a claim, there’s profound truth in it. Many of the deep meditation levels take place during a time people have high Theta brainwaves. By increasing the Theta waves, the body relaxes, the creativity increases and the user of the brainwave enhancement CD enters the meditative Theta state.

Newly Discovered Mental Frequencies

A newly discovered state, Lambda, is a very high frequency. It’s associated with the visual cortex of the brain and only occurs when the eyes are open. It embeds within very low Epsilon brainwaves, both occurring simultaneously when subjects have their eyes open but are in a deeply relaxed state. Children have these types of waves more frequently than adults do, with Buddhist monks being the few adults to experience these waves. One study showed these occurred in the monks when focusing on compassion.

If you want to learn material faster, such as memorization, but not necessarily true comprehension, you need to achieve high Alpha brainwaves. The more you’re in an Alpha state, the less sleep you’ll need. It’s a stage for centering, absorbing information passively, clarity of the mine, releasing serotonin, creativity and mood elevation. However, the Beta state is more for problem solving and normal conscious thinking. Delta states include restful sleep while Theta states are altered states of consciousness, often brought on by meditation.

Neuroplasticity And Retraining The Brain

Altering these states is not fiction or a ruse, as some believe. There is a lot of interest from neurological scientists on the brain’s neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change its own structure through strengthening some of the circuitry and shrinking other areas not often used. This brain entrainment can occur over long periods, such as the fusing of brain regions controlling the index and middle finger in pianists that play arpeggios. Once fused, when the first finger hits the key, the second automatically hits the second and the brain sees the two fingers as one.

How does this information help you if you’re not a concert pianist? It shows that brain enhancement programs can reconfigure your brain to achieve almost any goal. This doesn’t mean you’ll magically become a mystic by simply using a brain entrainment program or cure your body of all ills with brain enhancement CDs. There are other factors such as diet, exercise, focus, work and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that are part of the consideration, but they certainly help reconfigure the brain to accept a new pattern.

Of course, knowing the right pattern for your brain is important. We are so far from understanding all the nuances of the brain but do know certain healthy states. Scientists identify certain personality factors, ways of thinking, which influence the occurrence of various diseases such as heart disease or cancer. In most cases, stress plays a significant role in the development of any disease and the reduction of stress occurs when the brain enters specific brain wave levels.

Brain Entrainment CDs

You can enter these levels through years of practice of meditation, self-hypnosis and other types of relaxation techniques, learn to make your own binaural, monaural or isochronic brain enhancement CDs or simply use one already designed by experts in the field.

There is adequate documentation to show the body can heal itself, you can accomplish any of your desires and that psychic phenomenon is possible if you know which areas of the brain to retrain and develop. Just like any area of science once considered “hogwash” or magic, brain enhancement is a new health aid that could replace many medications or offer new opportunities to those who use it.

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