How Brain Entrainment Works
With Brainwave Frequencies?

Hans Berger used an EEG in 1929 to first measure brainwave frequencies. During his experimentation, he found that frequencies of activity in the brain dropped to

Holosync levels
Try binuar beats

around 8 to 12 hertz after his patient had closed the eyes. He named these brain waves Alpha.

During the years that followed, additional brain waves were named and measured as well.

Connections were made between the frequencies of brain waves and activities that were engaged in during particular states as well.

Four Brain Wave Types

Beta – this is the frequency that falls between 14 and 30 hertz, and is the most commonly found state of mind during which most of the activities of daily living are performed.

Frequencies graph

Alpha – these is the brainwave frequencies that fall between 7 and 14 hertz, and is the characterized by the state of mind when we experience light trances or daydreams. This is also the state where brain entrainment typically takes place.

Theta – theta falls between 4 and 8 hertz, and it the state that most people are in when they are asleep, meditating or in a trance. As hard as it may seem to believe, it is also a strong emotional state of sensitivity, like when you have struck your finger with a hammer and your brain must deal with the pain properly.

Delta – this refers to frequencies below 4 hertz, and is generally thought to be very hard to achieve when conscious. This is typically characterized by deep sleep.

Can You Know What Brainwave

Frequencies You Have Reached?

Some people use brain entrainment techniques by listening to an entrainment CD as they deliberately place their brains in the frequency patterns they choose. Others practice visualization and concentration techniques to achieve the brain wave state they are targeting.

If you know how to use it, this is a very useful skill, and many people claim that they can tell what state they are in. just by comparing the feelings that are present during practice with those that are achieved at different times, it makes logical sense that you can actually tell what brainwave frequencies you have achieved.

Beta = those moments during strong focus on a task at hand such as reading this article.

High Frequency Beta = If this state is held too long, it can lead to the feeling of being tired. This is what can help to distinguish it from normal beta.

Alpha = that calm feeling after closing the eyes and just before drifting off to sleep.

Theta = closely watching and enjoying a good movie or enjoying a wonderful moment.

Delta = is a state that can be reached during relaxation and meditation.

Explanation Of Brain Entrainment

Beta is also a simple state of brain wave frequencies to attain. You have probably already reached it since you are still reading this page. Finding a higher frequency may be helpful though. Concentrating on some object or even trying to see everything on your desk at once can bring you into a higher frequency of beta during brain entrainment.

Alpha is simple to get into; all you have to do is relax and close your eyes. Just do not allow your other senses to run wild while you are relaxing. It does require some practice to get this right, but it is still pretty simple.

Theta brainwave frequencies can be tricky to achieve even during brain entrainment activities. If you can actually achieve this while in a conscious state, you will be easily brought out of it by sounds that take place in your surroundings. During this state the individual will forget about where they are and what they are doing. Meditation and auto-hypnosis are the usual routes for getting to this state.

Delta is a state that is reached by meditation and deep concentration, and some people never reach this state. One method of reaching this state might be to stay in the same position without movement while concentrating on counting down from a thousand. If you reach zero before falling asleep you may actually be able to reach delta, but this is hard to do unless there are no distractions or your thoughts do not begin to wander.

Why Shift Brainwave Frequencies?

The beta state will help to increase the amount of work you can achieve because your thought will be focused on the task at hand. Alpha allows you to drift away during boring times. Theta allows your brain to relax and rest. Yes there is more about brainwaves frequencies but you need to explore for yourself with the use brain entrainment audio Cds.

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