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The principals used in a brainwave generator are also part of ancient Voodoo or Wiccan ceremonies and found at modern day casinos. In the case of the casinos, the slot machines manufacturers incorporate the rhythmic sounds and flashing lights to encourage

lights to encourage unsuspecting entertainment seekers to continue to insert dollar bills into the machine.

These sounds and flashing lights guide the brain into a state specifically chosen to bring the user pleasure so they continue to play.

The Voodoo or Wiccan rituals use chanting and drums to entrain the brainwaves of the participants to bring about a community brainwave that’s most conducive to the achievement of a specific goal or spell.

What Is A Brainwave Generator?

You don’t have to join a coven or spend hours in the local casino to use these same concepts. A brain wave generator can help you achieve similar results of relaxation, excitement or even “magical” methods of attaining your goals. A brainwave generator alters the frequency of the brain’s electrical waves.

There are many different brainwave frequencies, Lambda, Hyper Gamma, Gamma, Beta, Beta-Alpha, Alpha, Alpha-Theta, Theta, Theta- Delta, Delta and Epsilon; but a brain wave generator normally focuses on aiding your brain to enter specific levels.

The Lambda waves are more frequent in children and associated with visual “eye-open” experiences. This is why their discovery is relatively new. Most brainwave assessments are not conducive to finding these brainwaves.

By altering the brainwaves, entraining them, it takes the mind to different levels conducive to learning, mystical experiences, relaxation and health benefits. Each state is important for differing reasons.

For instance, the Lambda and the Hyper-Gamma states are of very high frequencies, approximately 100 to 200 Hz. These often are atop the very slow moving Epsilon waves (often seen in states of suspended animation) of less than 0.5 Hz and affiliated with mystical experiences or out of body experiences.

Types Of Brainwave Generators

You can create your own, download software or purchase a premade CD. However, if you use downloads or make your own brain wave generator, you’re taking a risk with quality or inaccuracies unless you know exactly what you’re doing. In some cases, the software may work and provide some benefit, but unless you know all the technicalities or are a skilled sound engineer, you may be doing yourself more harm than good by feeding your brain the wrong frequencies. Purchasing premade CDs offers both quality and reassurance of a correct program.

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Complicated Brain Patterns

You can tell that brainwave entrainment requires more than just selecting one frequency to enter a specific state. A generator often uses several overlapping frequencies to enter various states.

Since the brainwave generator should be close enough to your own brainwave frequency to start, many of these are complex combinations to either increase the frequency of the waves or lower them gently.

If you want to relax and enter a more meditative state, the generator lowers the frequency gradually. Some examples in nature that are naturally occurring are ocean waves or gently falling rain.

Uses Of Brainwave Generators

Retraining the brain can aid in learning, meditation, reducing the need to sleep, lowering blood pressure, a decrease in healing time, increased immune protection, reducing migraines, treatment of specific types of mental disorders such as low self-esteem, depression, ADD and addiction and more. When you alter your brainwaves, you can make your mind more susceptible to autosuggestion. In fact, hypnotism is one method of altering the mind’s brainwaves and putting the subject into a state where the brain accepts the suggestion more readily.

While the brain entrainment is an aid, you also have to focus on the rhythms, beats or sounds it makes and block out other noises. It’s similar to entering a state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not a relaxed state where the brain shuts down and only follows the suggestions of the hypnotist, but a hyper alert state where the mind absorbs the suggestions readily, but the interference from learning fades away.

It is a combination of states starting with an alpha state used during pre talk, and moving to a theta trance-like state. The chanting of Buddhist monks, mantras of the Yogis and Shamanistic drumming all bring subjects to this state, too. In this state, you access to long-term learning. Gradually the hypnotist brings the subject back to a more rapid alert alpha state.

You can train your brainwaves to enter any state you choose with a brain wave generator. This brainwave entrainment is not easy to attain on your own and takes far longer without the brain wave generator programs, although it is possible, but takes many years of practice and devotion.

Rather than spending more time learning to enter the state, brainwave entrainment is far more easily accessible with a brainwave generator. The generator rapidly teaches your brain to enter various states by reproducing the frequencies on the program. You still have to focus and spend time, but it’s relatively short compared to the years Yogis or monks spend to learn the process.

Types Of Brainwave Generators

There are three types of brain wave generators, binaural, monaural and isochronic tones. The isochronic and monaural generators take place outside the brain.

The binaural generators use the brain to create the tones by inputting one frequency into the left ear and another into the right. The brain then makes the necessary adjustments by processing the frequency necessary to make the two equal.

For instance, if one frequency were at 80 Hz and the other at 95 Hz, the brain would process the 15 Hz to balance the two. Only binaural brain wave generators can produce low frequency beats. Some brainwave entrainment programs use all three methods.

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