Changing Habits
To Empower Your Life

Helpful Steps to Guide You

Finding courage to work on changing habits can be difficult, but it is important. Each day of your life includes a series of habits that you follow throughout the day.

Your previous actions can quickly turn into habits, which affect your entire life and the success you are able to achieve.

Aristotle said it well, saying, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellent, then, is not an act, but a habit.” If your habits aren’t currently helping you empower your life to achieve excellence, it may be time to work on changing habits.

The good news is that a change of habit can occur, even if it sometimes is a bit difficult. What the benefits of changing habits in your life? You’ll find that making a change in your habits can help you to eliminate habits that are causing negative effects.

You may not realize it, but some habits may be dragging you down and keeping you from realizing the success you really want.

As you make changes in your life, you’ll eliminate those bad habits and work on replacing them with new habits, which brings about the second big benefit of a change of habit. Changing to new habits that improve your life will empower you to achieve the goals and dreams that are important to you.

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Changing habits doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult.

While it will take some work, self-discipline and willpower on your part, following a few steps can guide you through these important changes.

To help you begin changing the habits in your life, here are some steps you can follow as you work to create habits that lead to excellence and empowerment.

Step #1 – Focus on a Single Habit

As you begin working to change your habits, it’s important to focus on a single habit. It is difficult enough to change a single habit – you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by trying to make too many changes at one time. Decide on one habit you want to change and start working on it before you try making another change of habit.

Step #2 – Choose a 30-day Challenge

The next step to changing habits is to choose a 30-day challenge to work on this change you want to make. In most cases, it takes about that long to really change a habit. If you can stick with the new habit for 30 days, you’ll have a greater chance of being successful with the changes you’re making.

Step #3 – Write Down Your Plan

Make sure you take time to make and write down your plan for the changes you plan to make. Preparation is part of the key to being successful. This includes actually writing down the habit you want to change and why you want to change it. Create a plan that includes reasons to change, the obstacles you’ll face and methods you can use to make sure you’re successful in this endeavor.

Step #4 – Check Your Motivation

To ensure you’re successful at making a change in your habits, take time to check your motivation. What is your motivation for changing habits in your life? It’s essential to have strong motivations to propel you through the big changes you’re making.

Step #5 – Reflect on the Obstacles

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When you’re working to make a change of habit, you need to realize that there will be obstacles along the way. Maybe you’ve failed at making these kinds of changes in the past.

Take some time to reflect on the failures of the past and the obstacles that you may face. Write down those obstacles and then work on developing a solution for each obstacle so you’re well prepared to make it through them.

Step #6 – Keep Triggers in Mind

What triggers you to engage in a bad habit that you’re trying to change? Keep these triggers in mind. Most habits have many different triggers. Identify the triggers in your life and keep them as a part of your plan. Identifying and dealing with triggers will be essential to your success.

Step #7 – Develop a Good Support System

No matter how strong you think your willpower and self-discipline is, make sure you develop a good support system to help you along the way. When you are having a tough time changing habits, who will you turn to? Talk to good friends and family members and ask them to support you as you make important changes in your life. A good support system can be the difference between success and failure.

Step #8 – Make Use of Visualization

Many people underestimate the power of visualization when they are working on a change of habit. Creating a vivid picture in your mind can help you to deal with urges while keeping your end game in mind. Visualize how your life will be when you make these changes and keep that in your mind as you work hard throughout your journey.

Step #9 – Reward Yourself for Successes

Rewards offer you positive feedback, which can help reinforce the new habits you are making. As you achieve milestones in your quest to change a habit, give yourself a reward that will spur you on towards greater success.

Step #10 – Continually Renew Your Commitment

Last, make sure you continually renew your commitment to making these changes. Every single day you should be reminding yourself why you’ve decided to work on changing habits in your life. Keep your plan handy and reread it again and again. Keep visualizing your success and continue to remind yourself why this is so important. Obstacles will come along, but if you keep renewing your commitment to these changes, you will be successful at empowering your life.

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