Covert Hypnosis
A Solution To All Your Communication Problems!

Covert hypnosis or conversational hypnosis or subliminal hypnosis is solution for many people with communication problems with family, friends and co-workers. Some time those problems they can really affect your well being.

This type of hypnosis is an effective way to communicate by passing the logical mind and go talk directly to the unconscious mind. This is pretty accurate way to communicate your ideas without any rejection from the person an front of you

This technique is very similar to hypnosis they came from the same ideas. But there are many differences that I going to explain to you in a moment. The main difference between regular hypnosis and covert hypnosis, is that in the first one uses a normal induction like: start relax, deeper, close you eye, sleep and so on....

In the first type of hypnosis the person, that you're talking to, does not realize what's happening, this is a great benefit compare to regular hypnosis. Because it can avoid many types problems that you can have with the regular one.

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Conversational Hypnosis And the Language

The basics in covert hypnosis it's the language. With the correct use of it, we are able to by pass the critical factor the unconscious mind.

So the power of the language can put a person in trance. And covert hypnosis will come across just like a normal conversation but more charismatic, more interesting, more compelling and ideas will influences easily other people.

There are two main concepts in convert hypnosis, are flow and association.

The Flow In Conversational Hypnosis

It's like when you see a stream of water coming down from the side of a mountain. It runs smoothly without any problem creating that relaxing experience when you watch it. But when that same stream encounters obstacle on the way, it crates splashes and breaks and jumps so it's not one flow any more.

This metaphor shows the power of covert hypnosis, the flow helps to create a smooth run anyone who uses this and can puts to sleep the critical factor. So that ideas can go directly into unconscious mind without any conscious analysis. The interesting thing is that the more keep the ideas run smoothly the less possibility to weak the critical factor.

The secret is in the more you keep running ideas like that, the more sound logic. But the actually those are not necessarily logical. The more you that the more critical factor will remain asleep an effective use of convert hypnosis.

The Association In Conversational Hypnosis

It is the language of the unconscious mind, for example dream are usually associate with things which they trigger all sort of emotion and reaction. There is an important set studies in physiology where you can program people to think in certain way by giving a set words to read.

A famous example, is the one done on group of the students, they revived a questionnaire and list random words to read in class room. Also student were asked to walk to end of the corridor and came back after read the list of words This studies prove that by given different set words to same students, they were walking a different speed.

The students who walked slower received a list words that make them think like and old person. But the students didn't notice anything. So the power of association it's important for the unconscious mind.

How To Use Covert Hypnosis?

In order to use covert hypnosis to persuade and make people agree with your ideas, it's important the you "change their mood first and then their mind".

There are four powerful words that we use all the time, which are critical in conversational hypnosis And they sound so normal that nobody pays attention, they are: as, because, means, and.

Once you put them together in coherent way you can be sure they create the perfect inductions, They sound so logical but actually are not.

Like when hypnotist in induction “says close you eye and go to sleep”. The two part of the sentence not logically connected, but the unconscious mind thinks they are. And it thinks “close eyes it mean trace”. You that you can be in hypnosis even with eyes open.

An efficient covert hypnosis is done by using a mix four conjunctions words, and the association of ideas theme, together. In order to create the induce trance.

Association and flow apply this two concepts and you have the base of covert hypnosis. There are many types of techniques used but this is the platform for others.

In this way you create good feeling with no interruption so you don't weak up the critical factor. And that all sounds logical for the unconscious mind.

So to recap this technique:

.......“As” theme (associated idea)” Because” theme (associated idea)”And” theme (associated idea)”Mean”theme (associated dea) on

Don't forge you can use in order you like and with an other conjunction words.

When Convert Hypnosis Is Working?

Also there are specific signs showing when a person is an a trance state, I mean when the unconscious mind is wide open. These signs are: relaxation, lack of movement, eyes fixated on a point, shift of breathing, change of skin color.

Check for those signs and you will be able to tell if you this techniques is working. An other key point in conversational hypnosis is the tone of voice it's important tool to develop in order to use conversational hypnosis with results. What I mean it's important to develop a tone voice connected with the hypnosis theme.

Hypnotic disc

In other word you are talking about love you use a tone of voice of trough meaningful love, if you're talking about something exiting you have to use a tone voice that relate to it. Feeling the emotions relate to a specific theme are important in order to create a situation were the critical factor is asleep.

Generally it's useful to develop a slower and lower and more power filled tonality. In that way you can have normal conversation one, and hypnotic tonality when you want give more power for other occasions.

Imagination also a big part has in convert hypnosis just like in regular hypnosis. So the more use correctly the better results you get. For example when you say: “imagine this and do that”.

An other way to create this, is talk about some one else experience's, by doing so the person mind that you're you talking too, has take on the other person experiences in order to understand.

Conclusion On Convert/Conversational/ Subliminal Hypnosis

There are many other convert hypnosis techniques that you should learn if your interest in covert hypnosis. I hope you got some good the basic information on the subject. Also you should check the programs available on the market, I suggest you to get one of this courses learn the techniques and apply them in normal conversation. You can have a great life by influencing other people in positive way.

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