Daily Affirmation
Do It The Right Way!

Daily affirmation is an extremely potent technique for keeping negative thoughts at bay; the simple tool that involves the repetition of certain positive phrases is known to be remarkably effective in keeping denigrating emotions in check.

If you look up the word affirmation in a dictionary, the word will, in all likelihood, be defined as a statement of truth or an assertion that is true.

Notice, how the definition does not include any words which state that an affirmation is a statement of things that you wish were true.

No, affirmations are statements that you must believe are true; this group of words is a very powerful tool for positive thinking.

So, How Does Daily Affirmation Work?

To put it simply, affirmations are statements that describe a condition in your life worded in such a way that they imply the actual existence of the condition even if it has not yet occurred. For instance, "I am at peace with myself".

The affirmation is repeated several times through the day verbally or is listened to or viewed; the persistent repetition of the message helps in programming the subconscious mind to believe that the statement is actually true.

When repeating the affirmations verbally, ensure that you say them out loud, so that they are felt sincerely; speak with as much conviction and enthusiasm as you can muster up. This mental programming technique should be repeated every day, often at the same time each day to get maximum benefits.

However, you may not yet be convinced about how daily affirmation can help you, so let us start by learning about how negative self-talk impacts your life.

Now, most of us have used a statement such as "oh, I am such an idiot" at one or another point in our lives. When you keep repeating this statement, the subconscious mind is inclined to accept it as true.

Be happy now

Once the subconscious accepts an assumption as fact, it has a bearing on the way you act, feel and behave, all of which is modified to make the faulty assumption seem true. In other words, the negative self-talk actually creates your reality.

Fortunately, it is possible to give your subconscious mind a new script of how you want your life to play out. Daily affirmation can be used for a myriad of purposes such as dealing with a phobia, a feeling of worthlessness, self-image issues and more. The affirmations can be tailored to fit just about any problem. Given below are some tips on how to frame the statements that can be used for daily affirmation.

Remember to frame the statements in the present tense, so that you state things as if they were already so.

Don't say:"I will be happy some day".

Say:"I am happy right now".

Also, remember to frame the sentence positively, this means that you cannot say what you don't want instead state what you DO want out of life.

Don't say:"I do not want to smoke anymore".

Say: "I have quit smoking".

Empower Your Daily Affirmations

While affirmations is a very powerful technique in itself, you can enhance its efficacy by using certain tips.

Say the statement while standing in front of the mirror, so that the beliefs you have held for years are challenged as you look yourself in the eyes.

Singing your affirmations is another popular technique that is often used in workshops and therapeutic sessions. Singing the affirmation will help you to bypass your conscious mind more easily. It is no different than subconsciously humming a song that you have recently heard.

Write your affirmations in a diary or listen to recorded affirmations when sleeping

Things To Remember When
Using Daily Affirmations

Concentrate on one condition at a time. One of the reasons for the efficacy of daily affirmation is that the statements are small and easy to remember and repeat. So, when framing your affirmations, ensure that you target only one thing.

Say it like you mean it; the more confident you sound to yourself, the easier it will be to convince your subconscious.

Keep yourself surrounded by affirmations so that you do not get demotivated.

It would be unrealistic to expect overnight rewards; however, you will be surprised at how effective the technique is when used over a period of time.

Types Of Daily Motivation Tools

Some of the popular tools used for affirmations are:

  • Motivation cards, which can easily be made at home or downloaded online
  • Affirmation mp3s
  • Affirmation emails
  • Affirmation SMSs, which are sent at specific times through the day
  • Using your daily affirmation statement as a desktop wall paper Affirmation forums

How To Choose Your Right
Daily Motivation Practice?

The right time to use daily motivation techniques is right before bed and the first thing in the morning. This is when your subconscious mind is at its most receptive. At night, you are too tired consciously and in the morning, your mind is still waking up.

However, if you have trouble sleeping because of disturbing thoughts and worries, before bed may not be the right time for positive affirmations. Similarly, if you have the habit of ruminating over the negativity of the last day the moment you get out of bed, mornings may not be the right time for practicing daily motivation.

It is vital to understand that your positive thoughts should not clash with the negative talk that you are giving yourself. So, stop berating yourself and for a change stop analyzing what went wrong instead focus on the positive aspects of various events.

If you cannot stop pondering over everything negative in life, try using a tool like a voice recorder that can play your daily affirmations for you as you sleep.

Finding Information On Affirmations

The power of positive thinking and affirmations was first detailed in 1937 in a book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”. Although many other books were subsequently published on using daily affirmation for financial benefit, positive thinking can help you in just about every aspect of your life.

A cursory glance online will bring forth details on several books written to help people looking to bring positive thinking in their lives. There is also a wealth of information on sites dedicated to daily affirmation.

A Simple Technique To Experience
The Impact Of Affirmation

If you are ready to experience the power of affirmations, here are is a simple technique that can be used to motivate yourself day after day.

Let us assume that you are trying to get over the nervousness you feel when talking in a group.

Get yourself a diary and start writing these statements 25 times, “I am a very confident person." I know that I can talk in front of anybody and with everybody confidently”. Do not write these words just for the heck of it; make sure that they are written neatly and in the best handwriting possible.

If you are wondering about the aesthetic requirement, it is because the conscious mind immediately gets busy with neatness and the good handwriting part of the technique while the subconscious mind absorbs the message.

Do this every day in the morning and at night as well; also write down the changes you experience and you will be surprised to see the results.

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