Daily Motivation: Does It
Really Work? PART 2

Types of Tools

Daily motivation tools are available to tackle almost every adversity in life. So, if you are struggling with a bad habit like smoking, you can find motivational statements or stories that can help you to develop an innate sense of hatred towards inhaling the tar and chemicals from a cigarette.

Similarly, if your goal is to lose weight, motivation can help you to stick to your diet and workout regimen. Alternatively, if you want to get rid of the fear of public speaking, positive audio and visual stimuli can help you to be more confident in your abilities. So, the statements and tools that you choose should depend on the end result that you want to achieve and your comfort level.

From motivational videos to stories and even quotes from individuals who have managed to achieve their goals, all of these tools are available for you. Alternatively, there are several websites that will send you a motivational message or audio-clip at designated times through the day. These work very well if you constantly face energy draining, high stress or conflict ridden situations that can be strong demotivators.

How To Choose Your Right
Daily Motivation Practice?

The right time to use of motivation techniques is whenever you feel your self confidence and drive plunging. This will usually happen when you have just got out of an emotionally draining situation or even when things are just not going your way.

These conflicting scenarios give rise to questions in your subconscious like, is all this really worth it? Do I really want to do this? Am I ever going to get to my goals by doing this?

Unfortunately, these questions are often answered negatively by our perturbed mind which in turn leads to an abject sense of helplessness and worthlessness. Needless to say, these can cause serious demotivation. So, this is the right time to use your daily motivation tools. These act as a guiding light, a beacon that will show you the way to your goals.

A Simple Technique For Self Motivation

If you are ready to experience the power of daily motivation, here are is a simple technique that can be used to motivate yourself day after day.

Start your day by reading at least 5 motivational quotes. Also make sure that you get a print out of your favorite motivational quotes and put them up in your workspace.

Whenever you feel the strains of the day getting to you, take a break. Breathe deeply and read your favorite motivational story about a person who overcame all adversities to reach a position in life that he/she had dreamed of.

Alternatively, try making a success map for yourself. This is literally a map that specifies what you are doing now and how it is going to help you to achieve your goals. On one side of the map, mention your present situation and on the opposite side write down your goals. Now, create a pathway from your present to your future, mentioning along the way the things that you need to do to accomplish your dreams.

Go through this map every time you find yourself sulking and demotivated. As a matter of fact, take a look at the map everyday in the morning and when you are the most exhausted and drained out. You will be surprised to see how effective this simple technique is in warding off the ghosts of demotivation.

Do NOT let demotivation rule your life; each one of has the ability and the capacity to achieve anything and everything that we want out of life. However, it is imperative to understand that you cannot reach a cherished destination unless you are willing to endure the pains and struggles along the way.........GO TO PAGE 1

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