Daily Motivation
Does It Really Work?

There is a lot of talk about daily motivation and how it can not only help to perk up your mornings but get you geared up to face every adversity that the day doles out to you. These astonishingly easy techniques for self motivation can be  used  when the ups  and  downs

 of the day are weighing a person down.

Now, these tools enjoy a huge fan following and have many proponents and even mental health professionals vouching by their efficacy. However, their simplicity often belies their effectualness.

So, it's only natural for a person who has just been introduced to the concept to be skeptical about it. This means that there is nothing unusual about asking the all-important question, does this daily motivation business actually work?

It only goes to show that you are one among the millions of others who have not yet awakened to the benefits of this method. However, before we delve into the techniques used to motivate yourself even at the lowest point of the day, let's talk about what is daily motivation.

Understanding Daily Motivation

In the simplest possible terms, daily motivation is the reprogramming of your subconscious mind with the repetition of positive statements. Most eminent psychologists state that depression and negative thoughts are not mental ailments, they are a choice that we make.

Just like we are given innumerable choices to become what we want in life, so also, the way you feel. What you fear and the extent to which you allow these detrimental thoughts to impact your life are all choices that you make.

Daily motivation is a remedial process that helps you to get rid of the negative thought patterns and emotions that hold you back in life. It is imperative to understand that your conscious mind is merely a slave to your subconscious.

The Root Cause Of Our Failures!

So, if you are not successful at certain tasks, it is because your subconscious mind believes that you lack the ability and capacity to take the task to its fruition. However, whoever told you that everything your subconscious mind believes is actually true?

These faulty perceptions are inculcated by us, we led our subconscious mind to believe that we cannot achieve certain goals, so who do you think has the power of changing and transforming these negative beliefs into positive, confident and self-assuring thoughts?

Daily Motivation Helps You
With Small And Big Problems

At the core of most human problems, small or big are the attitude, behavior and reaction of the individuals who find themselves in the midst of these issues. Fortunately, you can change your behavior, attitude and reaction through daily motivation.

Zig Zigler quote

These positive messages function like commands that we input into our mental computer, the subconscious and they impact every aspect of our life. To understand how these faulty assumptions affect our lives and how positive thoughts impact the outcome of every one of our interactions, let's take two examples.

The first example is of Mr A who works in a mid sizes technical firm. Everyday in the morning, he walks out of his home ready to take on the world. After a few hours spent slogging away at the desk, staring at the computer screen and trying to make sense of the program that he is trying to write, Mr A finds himself exhausted with a good measure of discontentment seeping in. Then starts the continuous drudgery of trying to get the work done even though his heart is elsewhere.

A few years ago, Mr A had walked into this company with starry eyed dreams of making it big but he is still stuck in the same position. At 5m, he leaves his desk for home and comes back the next morning for the same mundane routine. The lack of motivation and enthusiasm has not only impacted Mr. A's standing at his workplace but has also turned him into a bitter and disillusioned man who seems to derive no pleasure out of life.

The next example is of Mr B who goes through the same grind as Mr A with the sole difference that when he sees his spirit sinking low, he takes refuge in his book of motivational quotes. Do these written words actually help to perk him up? Yes, because when he find himself crumbling under the pressures of work, he takes heart in the stories of all others like him to struggled to make it to the top.

This gives, Mr B the motivation and the encouragement needed to get through the day. Because he believes that his struggles are just means to an end, that will one day take home to his goal of owning his own firm, he is willing to go the extra mile at work. This in turn reflects positively on his performance and his interactions. Mr. B walks back home, a man with a dream and the guts to work hard and achieve it.

Motivation plays an integral role in the success of an individual; unfortunately, the tides of motivation are no different from that of the sea. In other words, it is hard to fuel your performance by motivation unless you have a tool that will be a source of constant motivation......KEEP READING

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