Does Hypnosis Work?

Does Hypnosis Work? The answer is yes. If it didn’t, hospitals would not provide it as an alternative to painkillers and anesthesia. It also works for things besides blocking pain.

You can use it to overcome bad habits, improve your concentration and increase your self-esteem.

At this point, everyone has a story about a friend that tried it and it didn’t work.

This is probably true. Does it work for everyone? The answer is no, but even for those that don’t quit smoking or lose weight, the self-hypnosis techniques or hypnotic state provides them with an ideal method of relaxation.

Relaxation, meditation and techniques of this type help build the immune system, lower blood pressure and just a few minutes can provide enough rest to equal several hours of sleeping. Executives call these power naps.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Your mind is complex. At one time, the consensus was that you were born either smart or dull. Today enlightened educators understand that IQ can increase or drop according to the person’s beliefs, drive and exposure to a variety of stimuli. The brain has a feature called neuroplasticity. It simply means it reshapes itself. Anyone with brain damage from a stroke or accident can relearn skills in another area of the brain. Neuroplasticity allows humans to adapt to various environmental stimuli.

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The brain also has the ability to create new neurons called neurogenesis. This is a relatively new discovery and takes place in the hippocampus and the olfactory system throughout life. There are many different influences on the creation of neurons. Exercise, disease, intellectual growth and other items influence their production.

Hypnosis allows the conscious mind to enter a state that produces Theta brainwaves. Many studies also show that the subject, if right handed, has a decrease in the activity in the left-hemisphere of the brain, normally thought of as the logical side and increased activity in the creative side of the brain. This puts the subject in a state where he readily accepts suggestion as truth.

How Does Hypnosis Work Using
Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis?

At this level, learning accelerates. The brain forms new connections, new neurons and the process of neuroplasticity makes the suggestion a reality, at least within the connections of the brain. Just like the prisoners of war that mentally hit golf balls and returned home, with keener skills in golf, the hypnotic suggestion alters the structure of the brain and subsequently the thought process to make the suggestion true. However, two things are necessary. The subject must be intelligent enough to focus and follow directions and he must be willing to follow those directions. A hypnotist can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.

Professional Hypnotists And
Self Hypnosis Techniques

You might think you have to go to a professional hypnotist to learn new behaviors and relearn old ones but you don’t. Does hypnosis work if you learn techniques to do it without the professional? Yes it does, these are self-hypnosis techniques and while seeing the changed outcome may take a little longer for most people than using the services of a hypnotists. Self hypnosis techniques are just as effective. The only reason the process takes longer is the learning curve involved in the grasp of the self hypnosis techniques. Self hypnosis techniques use the same principals as normal hypnosis.

Does It Work for All Types of Problems?

Hypnosis may not help you win the lottery, but it might increase your income, if you use a hypnotic suggestion to give you self-confidence. You can use self hypnosis techniques to help overcome almost any problem and even deal with pain. The area of pain is particularly interesting because studies show that if a person can exercise, it increases their ability to withstand pain due to opioids produced by the body. Using self hypnosis techniques can relieve the pain enough to allow you to exercise and help the body to heal.

How Does Hypnosis Work
To Help Give Me Confidence?

If you believe something firmly enough, it becomes real. If you think you’re defeated, or that people don’t like you, you’ll behave in a manner that’s easy to dislike or give up and accept defeat. What you believe makes a huge difference in how you react. Self hypnosis techniques can help you believe in yourself and give you the confidence you require to become successful. It allows you to implant a positive concept into your mind and eliminate the negative thinking of the past.

Does Hypnosis Work to Change
Several Bad Habits at Once?

You can work on individual habits or several of them at one time. However, don’t make a laundry list of changes. Focus on one or two habits that you want to change first. Later, you can work on more as you continue to reinforce the initial suggestions.

How Do You Do Self-Hypnosis?

There are a number of methods for self-hypnosis. You can use a self hypnosis script, make your own or purchase premade tapes, CDs or downloads. The premade tapes, downloads and CDs are the easiest to use, at least in the beginning. However, once you learn to put yourself into a hypnotic state, you can create your own scripting.

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