Finding Life Purpose

Finding life purpose is not an easy thing to do anyway. While there are many people interesting in this subject not so many actually get clear on their life purpose. Find out your life purpose can be the best action you ever take.

How can you be sure 100% that the life purpose you found is the one?

Oh well you will notice the difference in your life once you start follow your purpose.

Life will flow so natural just like a river flows on its natural course, and all doubt and fears will disappear.

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Goals Without Purpose

Well for me took bit of time to understand this all concept. I have been always an goal oriented person but I never realize that each goal has different meaning and can be achieved easily when your purpose in life is clear.

It's very important to understand that you don't have find your purpose in life but if you do everything becomes more meaningful. Everyone has some sense about the life purpose or general idea about his/her life.

But not so many get really clear and write down this general idea in precises statement. So they can be guided consciously rather then be an unconsciously thing.

When you are guided from your purpose all the time everything is possible.

How many times you come in contact with people that have achieve big goals, but they look very unhappy people. It's because they really are not guided from life purpose.

For a lot people in personal growth finding the life purpose is something that becomes an obsession, it's the big thing. The are different methods for finding the life purpose. Some of them can be really long ones.

I spent lot of hours before before even put few words on the sheet. Then every few days and few weeks I refine my life purpose statement. Until I felt in my body mind and heart a sense of clarity.

Let me say what I believe is a life purpose for me. It's that kind the “code” that guides us in life and gives us power trough adversities. But I have a news for you is not something that you inherited in DNA.

Life Purpose Quote

On contrary is sum of all your passions, interests, values, heart desires, and all your mentally, spiritually, physically expectations. It's truly something that you create that is unique to you.

For finding life purpose you have start noticing moments when you're in experiential state of total freedom of expression. Without any restrictions of mind, heart, physical or spiritually. In those moments your purpose is guiding you.

We all have one of this experiential state . Let's say ones again, every time you are in experiential state of total freedom of expression your purpose is guiding you. In those moment you produce thought, emotion, and action aligned with it.

But unfortunately not many people are good in notice those moments and also analyzing them. In other words we are not good in understand the cause the make that experiential state to happen.

Finding your life purpose it's important. Because your life can be that very experiential state all the time. Some people a call it a GREAT LIFE.

Methods For Finding Your Life Purpose

There many methods for finding your life purpose. But first thing you can do is you can start notice more yourself. And place your curiosity in that split of second, minutes, or hours when you experience those moments of total freedom.

Once you become vigilant an enough to notice those moments, and quickly take notes on what your were doing, thinking, feeling and about spiritual connections if that very moment. And for sure will be a step closer to define you trough life purpose in life.

The more you follow those to steps the more you'll get crustal clear on your purpose.

When you live each day from this position, you do feel great. In other words every time your spirit (consciousness), mind, heart, body are all working together your life is purpose driven.

The purpose driven life comes from the experiential state that you decide to live and act everyday. Write down and a statement for your self and stick all over your house to remind the way you want live your life.

Finding life purpose can be painful if you don't have a great sense of awareness. Like I said many times in self improvement is awareness is the key factor. Here other step by step process for finding life purpose:

    1) Sit down relax for 10 minutes before starting the process

    2) Think at best experience you ever had in the past in details

    3) make a list of the 2-3 most important values in your life: Achievement,Adventure,Beauty,Being the best, Challenge, Comfort, Courage, Creativity, Curiosity, Education, Empowerment, Environment, Family, Financial freedom, Fitness, Friendship, Giving I service, Health, Honesty, Independence, Inner peace, Integrity, Intelligence, Intimacy, Joy, Leadership, Learning, Love, Motivation, Passion, Performance, Personal growth, Play, Productivity, Primary, Relationship, Reliability, Respect, Security, Spirituality, Success,Time freedom, Variety etc.

    4) Make a list 4-5 things that you have big interests in.

    5) Ask your self what is my purpose in life? or what my life would be dedicate to if I had to spend dollars?

    6) write down your life purpose statement or mission by saying:

    "I declare to me and to the world that from today my purpose in life is to dedicate............................................................................."
I wish for you that you have more clarity now in finding life purpose. Write it down and place it where you can see it every day.

Here Some Other Suggestion
Finding Life Purpose

One way to determine your life's purpose is to find out what causes a burning desire within you. This is done by finding what you truly love in life and centering all of your focus on achieving all of your goals and dreams associated with your passions.

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