My Holosync Review Continued

Listening Instruction And Awaking Prologue

Making Change Easy Bonus

Get the Holosync demo CD for free free, once you have listened the track and the explanation by Bill Harris on how this audio meditation works. Than if you like you can order the Awaking Prologue (risk free 365) the you starting to listen for next 4-5 months every day. The Cd Box contains three Cds the Instruction Disc 1, the Main Cd (The Dive, Immersion) Disc 2, Bonus Soundtracks (Quietude, Oasis) Disc 3.

So you can listen the instruction and starting to use the main Disc 2 which contains two tracks tracks The Dive and The Immersion, both 30 minutes long. Here how:

  • Listen Holosync always with stereo headphones.
  • Listen to Holosync track The Dive (disc 2, Track 1) once each day for 30 minutes sitting, with eyes closed for 14 days.
  • Do not listen to Immersion (Disc 2, Track 2) yet. After 14 days, listen to The Dive (Disk 2, Track 1) followed by Immersion (Disc 2, Track 2), making one hour of listening session.
  • Let be whatever happens while listening be okay.

You can listen to Bonus Tracks anytime but their not part of main audio mediation technology, they are extra CDs.

You can use them for relaxing or when you need to be focused on some activities, you can play them as background music while you work in the house or on your computer.

No need for headphones for the Bonus Tracks. Bill Harris suggests to listen to use the main Cd (The Dive and Immersion) for at list 4 months but I say 5-6 months just to make sure you get all the benefits, also you can refer to the guideline. 

Have I Experienced Any Side Effects?

Managing Evolutunay Growth  Book

Now by the time of my writing which basely using for 4 years all most every day, I didn't have any particular side effects. For sure I didn't have any physical side effect mentioned in the booklet that comes with the Program like colds, sore throat, headache, fever, sore joints and so on.

But I did experienced some mental /emotional upheaval I remember once I started crying for not reason at work and “that was strange for me”. Other time I've experienced some agitation throughout the sitting session. Or some mental upheaval like some repetitive thoughts , off the session or during the session.

But I had something to refer to, in case I needed, with course comes a booklet called “Managing Evolutionary Growth” which give the basic information for a safe journey and also gives some reliefs techniques from all types of upheavals. Also I have contacted few times by email the support office. 

How Long Does Last A Level?

Deper Levels Disc Bosx

So this very important question because the instruction for the Awaking Prologue says that you should listen for 4 months before you can move to the next level.

But personally I stayed at with it bit longer until I felt I wasn't getting the same results of the beginning.

Here the guide line for changing level:

  • you have completed all the period of time suggested (4,6,8, 12 months)
  • any of emotional, mental, physical upheaval as result of using the program has smoothed out
  • you are able to remain fully conscious during this the great majority of your listening session when listing sitting up
  • you have feeling that the soundtracks are not powerful or do not have the same impact they once had

Remember all four of the above should be met before you move to the next level. Here the Levels structure:

  • Awaking Prologue
  • Awaking Levels 1-4 (Immersion 2.5, Immersion 1.5, Immersion 0.5, and Immersion 0.3)
  • Purification Level 1-4 (Immersion 2.5, Immersion 1.5, Immersion 0.5, and Immersion 0.3)
  • Flowering Level 1-4 (Immersion 2.5, Immersion 1.5, Immersion 0.5, and Immersion 0.3)

From Awaking Level 1 each of the Level contains 4 CDs , because each cds has stronger and immersion where the carry frequency gets lower for that level.

So you have Immersion 2.5(Cd1) Immersion 1.5 (Cd 2) , Immersion 0.5 (Cd 3) and Immersion 0.3 (Cd 4) but the The Dive remain the same for all the deeper cds. That's why to complete each level can take up the 12 depends of level you are at.

Finally, Why Do I Like Holosync?

So why I like Holosync so much? Because it's helping me improve my life, it's great tool as it is meditation but remains a tool because for “changing anything in Life you need You”and “A Partner” and Holosync a great partner for me.

At the moment of my writing I'm at begin of second level winch it's called “Purification level 1” and I have an other 8 to go, and I think I will go till last level unless something happen.

This my experience so far and there are more then million people that have tried this audio technology. But doesn't mean that just because it's very establish product it is great product. But for me it is.

And plus for the Awaking Prologue which is the first set of Cds has 365 days satisfaction risk-free guarantee , so after trying a full year if you don't like it you can get your money back .

Also Centerpointe offers for the people purchased Holosync and unlimited support trough phone or email. Plus for the Awaking Prologue a support letters. Personally I used the support by email few times I would like to call but I have problem with the time zone I don't live in US.

This is my story so far with Holosync, try your FREE DEMO CD and let me know your experience!


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