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My Last Four Years With It

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I've started using Holosync audio technology cds after I tried to meditate for couple years in traditional meditation, like many people do, I've found myself getting nowhere. And being “lazy person”, although in the good way, I always looking for short cuts where is possible. So I explored new

Holosync  Levels cdS

ways including meditation music especially brainwave entrainment that's why I've ended up using this programme.

It's well known fact for years now, that meditation gives a lot of great benefits, not just mental benefits but also physical and emotional. But those benefits come after years of perfecting the meditation technique with long sitting sessions. 

So after a while I decide to look for new way to improve my meditation practice. A friend of mine land me a meditation music Cd set, that he want me to try. And I've found the experience really enjoyable. I was so exited that soon after that session I want to know more about this technology.

So I read the information on the back of the CD box, and the instruction said that underneath the music there were binaural tones that help the synchronization of brainwave patterns. And I went on using those Meditation music Cds for a while, containing brainwave music.

Awaking Prologue

I've enjoyed so much the meditation music that I decided just to use them instead of traditional meditation. I was so interested in this technology called “brainwave entrainment and binaural beats” that I start buying new cds from vary websites and established companies.

A while after I was using this type of music I saw for the first time the DVD movie "The Secret". And one of the speaker Bill Harris, founder of Centerpointe Research Institute and creator of Holosync Audio solution, was explaining about the benefits audio meditation technology.

And Bill Harris was saying that Holosync meditation gives same benefits of traditional meditation but at incredible speed. The most appealing fact for me was that Holosync was more like a meditation process, not a one off listing like the Cds I was using until that moment.

It is more structured program where benefits come with practice just like the exercises for the body. So I decide to give it a try and I've ordered the the free demo CD and I really like the experience and then I've ordered the Awaking Prologue.

How Does This Audio Technology Work?

This audio technology solution it's based on old technology that it's well known to scientist for years winch is called “binaural beats”. The way it works is simple the sound technologies it's placed inaudibly beneath peaceful music and environmental sounds. I like to quote the site here:

Each time you listen, Holosync® will give your nervous system a very specific audio stimulus through each ear, affecting a part of your brain called the olivary nucleus, and taking you into a state of super-deep meditation. In order to process and handle this stimulus, your brain will create new neural pathways between the left and right sides of the brain, until over time it has created a new structure that can easily handle the stimulus we're giving it.”

Very simple but very powerful some called an instant meditation but it's more than tat. Bill Harris founder of Centerpointe Research Institute create this technology by developing a previous studies by Dr. Gerald Oster's original research. 

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What Benefits It's Giving Me?

The greatest benefit is the increase of self-awareness, but the way if you didn't know the main thing you need for changing anything in your life is self-awareness. I'm not going to talk about self-awareness here but keep in mind once you are aware of your self defeating emotion, thoughts and action you can basically stop the automatic response to situation and change for the better. So this the key factor for any personal growth product has to stimulate and increase self-awareness.

But here what I've experienced beside self-awareness, the follow :

Deeper Levels

1) Clarity of mind in the long run. I say in the long run because sometime after the listening session for few hours or couple days, I had experience some emotional upheaval. But overall the clarity of mind becomes more evident.

2) Filling more optimistic sometimes while experiencing life problems, even when I lost job once.

3) Experience more empathy with people that I couldn't get on very well or the list this people did bother me as they did.

4) All most eliminate anger by increase my level of resistance to bad circumstance and wrong people.

6) Make be more focus on what I would like to create in life rather the get distract from circumstances.

7) I find more productive at work because my mind got sharper then used be.

8) I've find myself eating better food and exercise little bit more and fell overall energic.

9) I don't get stress more like used to.

10) Bed habits and behaviors are less and less.


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