How to Break Free from Stress and Overwhelm

by Kristie Kennedy

One day she decided to follow her BLISS rather than become entangled with the chains of BUSYNESS! Her aura transformed into magnificence the moment she tapped into her Queenfidence!

I SEE You. I HEAR You. I FEEL You. I CELEBRATE You. Years ago I placed service over self, ambition over awareness and productivity over peace. There is a vast difference between being driven and being guided. The distinction is that your internal posture is one of calm rather than chaos. I would rather be a GLOW GETTER than a GO GETTER. I have decided to choose people, places and things that make me come alive from the inside.

Are you able to recognize the signs that you are at the end of your rope?
How can we integrate self-care or wellness in our daily lives? The world is running 24/7 which means we must be proactive and learn how to put our internal clock on hold in order to reflect, refuel and renew.

Here are three power keys to living with boundless energy:

1. Power in Pausing- a temporary stop in action. A brief suspension to indicate the limits. "A short break," What does this look like? a cat nap, a walk at the park, meditation, a bubble bath or a night out with the girls etc. We gracefully step away from the things that deplete our energy, challenge us, stress us etc.

2. Power in Pacing- a consistent and continuous speed in moving. Pace comes from the Latin word passus, meaning “a step.” Pace is a noun, meaning "the speed at which something happens." The reason many women get overwhelmed is because we try to do too much, too fast. All at once, then we burn and crash. It’s about quality of contribution rather than quantity of activities. Can you sustain the speed you are currently moving at over the long haul without damaging your mind, body and soul?

3. Power in Professing- to affirm openly; declare or claim to admit publicly that you have a particular feeling or belief. What are you saying to yourself on a daily basis? Last week at a gratitude journaling class the instructor said, “Just because your inner critic is in the car does not mean she gets to drive.” Faye will always have something to say but you have the power to keep her at bay by putting her in place with words of positivity.

May you experience life to the full and walk with a vibrant elegance that radiates for all to see.

Hello Freedom, have we met?

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