How To Do Self Hypnosis Improve Health And Confidence With It

Have you ever wondered how to do self hypnosis or " Does hypnosis work? ". The answer is a resounding yes. Best of all, self hypnosis works just as well as regular

hypnosis and you can do it in the privacy of your home, without paying a hypnotist.

In fact, you can easily learn how to do it in just an hour or less and use it for many different concerns.

You can use self hypnosis for weight loss , better sleep and just like hypnosis to quit smoking , you can also benefit from self hypnosis to quit, too.

How Hypnosis And Self Hypnosis Work

Both of these techniques start with relaxation to increase the Alpha brain waves. When these occur, you’re at your most creative and slowly entering the Theta brainwave stage. At this point, your brain is ready to learn new thoughts and ideas.

When you listen or repeat your goals as though they were real, you teach your mind they are. Once out of the hypnotic stage, the hypnotic suggestions become self-fulfilling prophecies as your mind does everything to make its reality, your suggestions, a reality. There are self hypnosis techniques to help with every type of problem.

Self Hypnosis Techniques

There are several self hypnosis techniques to use when leaning how to do self-hypnosis. You can use relaxation and self-talk, self hypnosis downloads, CDs or tapes or make your own CD from self hypnosis scripts.

Before you begin any self hypnosis techniques, particularly if you’re creating your own CD or simply using self-talk and relaxation, you need to identify the goal. Every goal needs to be a positive one. Never use a goal such as, “I won’t be afraid to talk in front of a crowd,” or “I won’t give into temptation and break my diet.”

That’s not how to do self hypnosis and is counterproductive. The brain ignores the “I won’t” and simply hears “afraid to talk in front of a crowd” or “break my diet.” Consequently, you’re simply reinforcing problems that you want to eliminate.

You’re telling your brain you’ll break your diet and that speaking to crowds terrifies you. The goals should always be positive and offer words that flow with your final objective when you’re learning how to do self-hypnosis. “I’m thin and eat only the right foods.” “I’m a great speaker and love public speaking.” These are far more constructive and work to convince your mind you already possess the positive qualities.

How to Do Self Hypnosis Without
Tapes, CDs or Downloads

This is one of the self hypnosis techniques that doesn’t require any special equipment. Sit comfortably in a chair. Focus your attention on a spot that’s a little above eye level. Breathe deeply in and as you do, mentally say the words “I’m relaxing.” As you exhale, mentally blow out all the stress and troubling thoughts inside your head.

Self hypnosis target

Breathe in and visualize refreshing relaxation flowing into your body and through the respiratory system. As it does, it brings healing and collects all the body’s impurities, bad thoughts and negatives.

When you exhale, you blow out all the impurities in your body with the air. Visualize walking down a staircase, going deeper and deeper into a state of complete relaxation. At the bottom of the staircase is a beautiful garden, a place you’d feel comfortable spending time.

Tell, yourself that when you arrive at the bottom of the staircase and into the garden, you’ll be completely relaxed. Feel the warm grass, soft under your feet and smell the beautiful flowers around you.

Repeat your hypnotic suggestion slowly three times, then go back to the staircase. With each step up, you tell yourself you feel more awake and ready for the new day. When you get to the top of the staircase, you’ll automatically wake up.

How To Do Self Hypnosis With
Downloads, Tapes And CDs

It’s very simple to learn how to do self hypnosis with downloads, tapes and CDs, since you simply have to listen to them. Of course, you need a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. The key to successfully using self hypnosis techniques found on self hypnosis downloads, tapes and CDs is to focus your mind intently on the speaker. Hypnosis is not a state of sleep but a state of hyper attention where your mind absorbs information more quickly, because it bypasses the conscious mind.

How To Do Self Hypnosis For Health

You can use self hypnosis techniques to eliminate bad habits such as overeating or smoking. However, you can also use the hypnotic suggestions to improve your immune system. The more you relax and tell yourself how good you feel, how energetic, and healthy and couple it with the visualization of air cleansing your body of negative thoughts or disease and brining in healing air, the healthier and more energetic you’ll become. The mind is a powerful healer and self hypnosis can increase the benefits.

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