How To Find Happiness

We are all interested in learning how to find happiness. We all want to experience the sense of well-being that is distinctly characterized by a wide array of emotions that we consider to be pleasant and/or positive in nature.

In searching for happiness, we will often discover that that there have been numerous approaches in defining contentment. Many approaches are physiological and psychological in nature.

Others are philosophical and religious. The truth of the matter is, happiness is a concept that cannot be defined by science, religion, anatomy or philosophy. It is a concept that can only be defined by those that wish ascertain it. More importantly, happiness is a choice.

While nearly everyone goes through life consistently seeking answers on how to find happiness, it is all within us. It is created by choice. It is a collaboration of beliefs, actions, and attitude. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus once stated: Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

Coming Up Short

Throughout my life, I have consistently struggled to uncover the secrets to discovering contentment. While it is true that I had experienced a few sensations that were highly enjoyable, I failed to experience these blissful sensations on a continuous basis.

I wanted to personally experience a fulfillment so profound that it suffused every single moment of my life – whether I was enduring the common, inevitable setbacks that are common throughout life or my circumstances were ideal.

However, despite my efforts to learn how to find happiness, I found that I consistently came up short. Regardless of what job I choose, how much money I made, what material items I bought or where I lived…I found that nothing provided me with the happiness that I sought.

Your Journey’s Detour

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have consistently tried to learn how to find happiness, yet have come up short just like I had. As a matter of I do not think it is “quite likely”, I KNOW you have found yourself in the same predicament. If you haven’t, you would not have stopped to read what I have to say on this subject matter. My journey to happiness took me down many paths and around many bends.

There were many dead ends that resulted in me having to turn around and go back to my starting point. There were many roads that were long, winding and essentially, quite dull. There were streets packed full of action – which were not all that positive. There were avenues full of beautiful landscapes and desolate boulevards that I never want to see again.

However, now, I see that all of these paths had purpose in my pursuit of happiness. While you may not realize it now, as you read this, you are on your journey to happiness. I would not call this a dead end or a stopping point. I would refer to it as a detour, because after you read this guide, you will change directions on your journey.

Robert Anthony quote

The Fork In The Road

Despite the fact that I actually experienced many disappointments on my journey to learning how to find happiness, I persisted. I continued down each and every single path that I believed would provide me with the contentment that I sought. Then, one day, I hit a fork in the road. On this fork, there was a sign. One part of the sign, which pointed to the left path stated: “A Little Happiness”. The other part of the sign, which pointed to the right path, stated: “Back to the Beginning”. Directly underneath these two signs was a middle section that stated: “Your Choice”. As I looked down the left path, I saw nothing. The road was short and could have only been one hundred feet long. As I looked down the right path, I noticed beautiful scenery, trees and an exceptionally long path.

The Choice

As with all people, my curiosity was peaked. If I go down the path that guarantees a little happiness, I see that I will not get too far. I mean, I am looking right at the dead end! If I go down the right path, it looks as if I will get to experience a lot along the way, but it requires me to go back to the beginning of my journey.

I glanced back up at the sign and read the words: “Your Choice”. These words seemed to roll and slide in and out of the depths of my mind. I stood, confused. I cannot even explain in words how perplex and challenging this decision was. Then, suddenly, I understood! It was MY choice.

MY CHOICE! Learning how to find happiness was not about which road I traveled. It was not about acquiring the things that lay on the paths that I took. It was a way of being connected to what I encountered, how I experienced the world and my feelings about those encounters and experiences.

A Cultivated Skill

I did not have to take a certain path in order to learn how to find happiness. I simply had to choose to be happy. It was not the conditions or circumstances that surrounded me that would result in contentment. It is how my mind perceived the situations, people, events and circumstances that surrounded me. Happiness, on an authentic level, was a skill that needed to be cultivated, not an object that I would simply experience on my journey and would get to keep forever more.

By finding ways to experience the world around me, I could finally find and keep the happiness that I so desperately sought. By making the choice to be happy, you will naturally develop a profound propensity towards behaviors that are altruistic and a large array of qualities that will provide you with the tools and resources to cope with the challenges that life throw your way. Instead of throwing on the “Woe is me” attitude, you will be able to combat these challenges in a productive manner.


If you want to learn how to find happiness, simply look within. If you continue searching for it on paths that you take throughout life, you will consistently fail. Failure results in the opposite – unhappiness. How have you made the choice to be happy in your life?

Have you found yourself walking down one road, street, boulevard and avenue – one after the other – to no avail? If so, we would love to hear about your experiences! Have you finally come to your fork in the road and realized that you must make the CHOICE to be happy?

Do you find yourself wanting to help others reach a state of contentment? Are you still struggling to discover the secrets of contentment? Do you find it challenging to learn how to find happiness? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we would love to hear from you!Cick here to write your story!

Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.- Dale Carnegie

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