Learn How To Hypnotize
Someone To Help Others

Studying how to hypnotize someone took me a small amount of time and it was well worth the effort. I love to help people and the quickest way I know is through hypnosis.

After I learned how to do hypnosis, I helped many family and friends to overcome bad habits such as smoking and overeating.

I also used it to help a close family member overcome their fear of tests and pass their college entrance exams with flying colors.

Learn How To Do Hypnosis
To Help People Focus

Of course, when you learn how to do hypnosis, you can’t just go around hypnotizing everyone you meet. It simply doesn’t work that way. In order for hypnosis to be effective, the other person has to want you to hypnotize them.

In fact, their ability to focus and concentrate makes the difference in whether you’ll be successful in hypnotizing them; no matter how many courses you took on how to hypnotize people or how good you are at it. That’s because hypnosis isn’t turning the person into a mindless zombie that follows your every order. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

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When you learn how to hypnotize someone, you’re actually learning how to help people arrive at hyper-attentive state. When they’re hypnotized, they are simply more selective on the focus of their attention. It’s like daydreaming and becoming engrossed in the daydream. When you learn how to do hypnosis, you’ll learn all the right things to say to help your friend or family member to relax.

You’ll be teaching them to focus on the sound of your voice, thus shutting out all other distractions. Part of learning how to hypnotize someone is to know when he or she is completely responsive to your suggestions. This is when all the doubt contained in their conscious mind shuts down. That doubt is often the reason people can’t succeed at their desired goal without hypnosis.

No matter how many times the person tells himself or herself he wants to lose weight, there’s that little voice in the back of his head that says, “You know you can’t lose any weight.

You don’t have the willpower. You’ll be too hungry. You’ll break your diet in the first day.” When you learn how to hypnotize someone, you’ll help him or her shut out all the doubts and allow the message to go directly to the person’s subconscious mind, where it becomes the person’s true belief. That power of belief is what makes the outcome of hypnosis positive.

How to Do Hypnosis To
Improve The Life Of Others

While some people learn how to hypnotize someone simply for party games and entertainment, I found that when you learn how to hypnotize someone to help them, it’s far more rewarding. You can help others gain confidence, overcome fears, give up bad habits and become a more fulfilled person. Just knowing I’ve made a difference in someone’s life is rewarding. That’s why I love to help people learn how to hypnotize others. It not only changes the lives of their hypnotic subjects, it changes their lives too.

How To Hypnotize Someone Step by Step

    1. ask the person if want be hypnotize
    2. ask the person if done this before if not tell them they “may be aware of everything you say during the session and that’s OK”
    3. Reassure the person that they are in control. Tell them that if at any time they have a problem with the hypnosis session, they can end it by counting in their mind “One-Two- Three.”
    4. Start the induction by putting a white paper with big black dot right an front your friends face, make sure the the dot is above the eye level.
    5. Then ask to watch the straight to black dot
    6. When you see your friends getting tired, say those words “ look at the dot, listen to my voice, the more you look the dot the more tired feel, the more you feel tired the more your eyes become heavy, look at the dot, the more you look at the dot the more you feel tired. The more feel tired the more your eyes are becoming heavy, the more your eyes are becoming heavier the more you feel tired, and the tired you feel the more you want close eyes. Not now but in a moment your eyes will close, now relax and listen to my voice close your eyes now and go deep into a relax state of mind, and with every word I say you go deeper into relax trance state of mind 10 20 100 deeper, with your eyes close you can continuing to relax and going deeper now”
    7. Tell him/her: “the more you're relaxed the more you become aware of the thing around you such the noise from outside, the comfort of the chair, the sound o my voice or the biting of your heart. And as you do you continuing to go deeper, deeper down”
    8. Say him/her: “ the more you're relaxed the more you feel your hips relaxing, and your waist relaxing. Feel your chest relaxing, and your arms relaxing. Your shoulders relaxing, and your neck and head relaxing. Feel your entire body relaxing, the more you relax the deeper yo go 10 20 100 times deeper “
    9. Then tell to your friend that: “now the mind seems to drifting in time and space, free flow thing space of effortless relaxation”
    10. Say: “ now I want you to imagine and feel all the possibility for a better life, those imagines are about all things that you would love to achieve, things that you would love to do.
    11. Then make with strong hypnotic tone voice go from instruction to suggestion “order” and say something like this: “ now as you see does images in your mind is you're drifting down deeper and deeper 10 times 20 times 100 times 1000 time deeper in relaxed state mind”
    12. And this time implant the suggestion, that helps your friend to improve his/her life, here some examples you can say: "You feel great every day and full of energy." "You are always relax and in control in circumstance." "You appreciate everything in your life. And you always make the right decision “You always go for your goal with enthusiasm” Fell free to add more on this kind statements these are just examples.
    13. And you came to the end by say: “Not now but in moment I will cunt from one to ten, and each number is going to take closer and closer to everyday awake full awareness, and when your eyes open your are going feel full of energy with strong determination to achieve any goal in life” and then you'll start counting “1 feel good, 2 feel the motivation and determination for all the thing you want to do a be and, 3-4 now the dissemination and the motivation become stronger, 5-6 now the relaxation is leaving you body, 7-8 now your legs your arms start to move and your head is up, 9-10 now open your eyes and you feel full a awaked and refreshed and energized ready go with feel of strong determination and motivation to achieve any goal in life.


I hope it's more clear on how to hypnotize someone have fun with process and just use it for helping people, let me know how did it go.

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