How To Read Body Language
Mind Body Connection

Learning how to read body language has been studied for centuries. Determining the mind-body connection is the art that is necessary for the process to be successful.

Knowing the person that you are trying to analyze will play a large part in your ability to actually determine the meaning behind their body movements.

Arms And Hands

What is the person doing with their hands and arms? Crossed arms can be an indication that the person is protecting themselves from social stimulation. While it may be just a habit, when it is combined with other gestures, an accurate determination can take place.

They may be uncomfortable in the setting they are in, or with their own appearance. Look at their feet while their arms are crossed. If they are spread at shoulder width or wider, consider it a position of authority. If their hands are behind their neck, they may be open to the discussion, or may simply be laid back. Try hard not to over-analyze this movement.

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What Are Some Nervous Gestures?

Nervous gestures are a good sign of the mind body connection. Learning how to read body language that indicates nervousness can help you to calm the person and give some reassurance. Nail biting is a nervous gesture. It could mean they are very uncomfortable with the line of the conversation.

What Read Body Language
Should You Notice?

Brushing the hair behind the ear can be misread very easily. It may simply be preening. It can also indicate that they disagree with you. Disagreement may well be accompanied by raised eyebrows. If the person is wearing glasses and is constantly adjusting them, they may be disagreeing with you.

This can be the process of pushing the glasses up on their nose or adjusting the sides. Of course, you should also consider the fact that they may be ill-fitting glasses. In the midst of conversation, the person you are speaking to may begin staring into space.

This could indicate that they are thinking of you or reflecting on the past. Squinting eyes and lowered brows may illustrate some confusion about what is being said. It is an indication of skepticism. It is also possible that they need glasses to see into the distance.

Do Feet Indicate Any Signs?

Busy, moving feet may indicate restlessness. If they touch their foot to yours, they could be flirting.

Pay Attention To Posture

Learning how to read body language will give you insight into the mood of your associate. It is a part of how the world communicates.

If two people are engaged in conversation, pay attention to how they are sitting in their chair. Are they facing each other? Are their legs crossed away from each other? This is an indication of some hostility or disinterest in the conversation. If they are facing each other, you can feel confident that they are interested in what the other is saying.

Many examples of body language clearly point out the mind-body connection.

  • Someone who has a brisk, erect walk is exhibiting a sign of confidence.
  • If a person walks with hands in pockets and slouches, there may be feelings of dejection or rejection.
  • If those crossed legs are kicking a bit, the person may be bored.
  • Constant nose rubbing could indicate lying or rejection.
  • If hands are clasped behind the back, the person may be angry, apprehensive or simply frustrated.
  • Ankles tightly locked are an indication of apprehension.
  • Tapping and drumming fingers indicate impatience or nervousness.
  • A slight tilt of the head toward the other person indicates a sincere interest in the conversation.

Conclusion On Body Language

All of these hints on how to read body language are the result of many studies by many behaviorists. Many can be discounted, but most should he held in respect.

These studies are often shared with healthcare professionals and educators.

They are used as indicators of the persons attitude toward upcoming procedures, diagnoses or the lessons being taught. Parents will benefit greatly if they can read a child’s body language. They need to know if they are truly getting their child’s attention, or if the child is humoring them.

Negative behaviors need to be understood and dealt with promptly. Business people need to be able to read the person to whom they are presenting an idea. This will help to make necessary changes and move on to other areas.

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