How To Set Goals Without
Setting Yourself Up For Failure

When you learn how to set goals, you embrace a life-changing tool. Many people have experienced positive life change as a result of goal setting, but many others have experienced nothing but disappointment and failure.

What makes one person successful with personal development goals while others fail? Many would guess willpower to follow through with the goals, but that isn’t it.

In most cases, those who have the greatest success creating change in their lives are those who take the time to learn how to set goals effectively.

You can fully commit yourself to an action plan while chasing your goals, but if you did not set those goals properly you could still face failure in the end.

It is best to learn how to set personal development goals that are realistic and well formed. That takes a bit of time and you cannot jump right into the action, but you are more likely to be successful in the end.

Identify The Most
Critical Areas for Change

There are probably a lot of things you would like to change about your life, but you cannot change everything at once. Start by making a list of all areas of your life that need change. For example, you might list your marriage, your finances, and your body weight or health.

The next step to learn how to set goals is to make a more specific list that identifies exactly what needs to be changed in each of these areas. For example, you might list gaining trust for your spouse and not fighting in front of your children for your marriage changes.

You might list increasing savings for the financial area of your life and laying off the sugar for your health. Now circle the most important thing that needs changed. If you could only change one thing in your life, this should be the one thing that you believe would make the most difference. This will identify the most important area of your life to focus your initial personal development goals.

Explore Your Reasons
For Changing

Now that you have identified the most important areas for change, it is time to learn how to set goals that have significance in your life. You have to take the area of change that you circled in the last step and identify why changing that area of your life would be so significant.

What is it that compelled you to circle that one area of your life rather than any of the others? The reason you set a goal has to be much deeper than losing weight to look hot or making more money to impress someone else. You need reasons that are focused on your own life, your own dreams, and your own idea of what you want your life to be in the future. Identify those deep reasons that make you want to succeed from a gut level. That is how you learn how to set goals that are going to change your life in a powerful manner.

Commit On Paper

Charles C. Noble quote

It is now time to write your personal development goals down on paper. These goals have to be very specific so you can come up with an action plan that will lead you to fulfilling each goal. Remember to focus on the most important area of your life as identified in the exercise above. You may want to change everything about your life, but it is not going to happen overnight.

Writing your commitment down on paper is very important. This is your declaration of what you have decided to do and how you will do it. You are now at the end of your goal to learn goals settings that do not set you up for future failure. By thinking through the most important areas for change, identifying your deepest reasons for wanting the change, and writing down very specific goals, you are increasing your chances of finding success in the end.

All of your goals have to be realistic. Do not write down that you want to lose twenty pounds a month if you know that isn’t possible. Gradual progress over time is much better than rapid progress that doesn’t last long term. That is why taking the time to learn how to set goals is so important.

You never want to set yourself up for disappointment in the end! Your personal development goals do have the power to change your life. You just have to give them a fighting chance of working by going through these simple steps.

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