How to Break Bad Habits
Simple Strategies to a New You!

If you are interested in learning how to break bad habits, it is quite likely that you have discovered that most of the things that we each experience and do in life are purely habitual. Habits are considered to be essential aspects of our lives.

According to clinical studies, it has been established that most of the activities that we engage in, the thoughts that we process and the emotions that we experience do not stem from decisions made consciously. Instead, they stem from habits that we have developed throughout our lives.

There are, essentially, two types of habits that we experience. The first type is the habit that has a positive impact on our lives. The second type is the habit that has a detrimental impact on our lives in one way or another.

We refer to this type as the “Bad” habit. In this guide, you will learn how to break bad habits successfully.

A Little Insight


I am not an expert on bad habits, nor do I claim to hold any type of authority on the subject. I am, rather, self-educated on the topic of how to break bad habits. Throughout my life, I have found myself – on more than one occasion – suffering in one form, fashion or another due to bad habits.

In addition to this, I have met several individuals along the way that found that they, too, need to learn the secrets to breaking bad habits. As a result of my personal experiences and those that I have come in contact with, I have developed a true passion on the subject.

I have learned a great deal by experimenting with a broad range of techniques that are designed to assist individuals in breaking bad habits. As a result of my acquired knowledge and personal experiences, I want to offer others the truly successfully strategic models on eliminating bad habits from their life completely. If you want to learn how to break bad habits, I am confident that the information contained in this self-help guide will assist you.

The Basic Elements of Negative Habits

In order to successfully learn how to break away from the bonds of bad habits, you must first acquire an understanding of the basic elements of negative habits. According to professionals that have studied habits that negatively impact the lives of others, there are three core elements that each habit possesses. The following highlights these elements and a brief description of each:

  1. The first element of a poor habit is referred to as the “Cue”. This is, essentially, the underlying trigger that results in your engaging in the habit that you deem to be negative to your life in one way or another.
  2. The second element of a bad habit is referred to as the “Routine”. This is the activity that is associated with the habit that you want to break. In other words, it is the action that results in the negative reaction on one or more aspects of your life, such as your physiological or psychological well-being.
  3. The final element when it comes to habits is referred to as the “Reward”. This is what you get once you indulge in the activity of the habit.

When learning how to break bad habits, it is essential that you have an understanding of these basic elements. When each of these elements are present, it forms what professionals refer to as the “Habit Loop”. The cue must be evident in order for an individual to engage in the routine. Once the routine is performed, the person indulging in it will get the reward that stems from the act. In order to be successful in breaking bad habits, it is critical that you learn how to break the habitual loop that includes the cue, routine and reward.

Developing A New Routine

Now that you understand the core elements of negative habits, you must learn to develop a new routine in order to successfully overcome bad habits. When individuals are interested in learning how to break bad habits, they often feel as if they need to completely eliminate the habit from their lives.

In all honesty, this is next to impossible. Instead, breaking bad habits is about replacing the routine of the negative action with a new routine that involves a more positive action. In all studies conducted on individuals that have successfully broken bad habits, the subjects all stated that when they experienced the cue of the habit, they simply found a new activity to indulge in so that they could experience the same reward.

If you attempt to eliminate the cue, the routine and the reward, you will continuously fall back on your old habits. However, if you retain the cue and replace only the activity, you will still experience a reward. As a result, you will find that you experience success in learning how to break bad habits.

Crave The Reward

In this guide on learning how to break bad habits, you have been introduced to the elements of a negative habit and that you need to change an activity associated with the cue of the bad habit in order to be successful in overcoming the negative impact that the bad habit has on your life, or certain aspect of your life.

While all of this is important, there is one more aspect of breaking bad habits that I feel I must expound on. That is, craving the reward associated with your new routine. It is not enough to simply change your routine.

You must set up a reward associated with successfully going through your new routine that you actually crave. According to the information that I have learned when I was learning how to break bad habits, cravings drive the habitual loop that often keeps us bonded to poor habits. By altering the reward that you desire, you will be able to create a more positive habitual loop.

How to Break Bad Habits Conclusion

Learning how to break bad habits is a challenging endeavor. According to research, habits play a large role in our overall physiological and psychological health.

By developing a base understanding of the elements of habits and the biology associated with those habits, we are able to learn how to alter negative habits and develop positive ones that will assist in changing our overall lifestyle to one that is more positive, productive and healthier.

Essentially, all habits trigger what many refer to as the “reward center” of the brain. When this area of the brain is initiated, a substance called “Dopamine” is released into the body. The more we indulge in a particular habit, the more dopamine that is released into the body. This is what causes the body to want to indulge in the habit over and over again.

If you have a holistic approach to life and want to achieve personal goals such as learning how to break bad habits, you will be pleased to know that there are several types of personal growth products available that will assist you in doing so. While it is not easy to change the cue of a habit, it is quite possible to change the routine of a habit and to develop a new reward associated with the new routine that you develop.

Examples of these items include brain waves music, self-hypnosis, subliminal learning products and even utilizing a life coach. If you are ready to learn how to break bad habits, the information contained in this self-help guide as well as the previously mentioned personal growth products will assist you.

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