5 Instant Stress Relievers

Stress is a rampant problem of our times. It has become a more serious problem than it has ever been with more and more people becoming ill because of it.

As a matter of fact recent studies reported that 90% of visits to the doctor are stress-related. Although stress is not totally detrimental and can even be helpful to a certain degree, high levels of stress can cause the development of a wide variety of mental and physical illnesses.

With this being said, knowing what to do when confronted with high amounts of stress is really vital. Below are some very simple stress relief techniques which you can use when you need a quick way to get your stress levels down.

Being Around Positive People

Some people just drain the energy out of others and in times of stress you should keep away from this kind of people. Instead, you should turn to people who uplift you and make you feel pleasant. The energy of the people around you has a direct effect on you, so in times of great stress find those people who have positive disposition and let them cure your stress away.


Talking to someone who sincerely listens is a rapid stress reducer. Talking with a calm and balanced listener about the things that are causing your stress can easily take your stress away. Just the mere act of being able to unload your feelings and frustrations will help lessen the burden and stress that you are feeling.


A lot of people use eating as their stress reliever but most of them do it all wrong by eating the wrong types of food. Most people resort to comfort eating and munch on sugary and fatty treats.

Although these foods can bring about temporary stress relief as they cause blood sugar levels to spike quickly, they also create sudden drops in most people's blood sugar levels, which in turn creates the physical sensation of anxiety followed by the emotional and mental feelings of overwhelm. Eating can be used as an effective stress reliever if you opt for high protein foods like yogurt, cheese, sliced turkey or chicken and nuts.


It may sound ridiculous to be laughing when you are stressed out and anxious, it may seem hardly possible but laughter can do wonders to your state of mind. Studies show that laughing decreases stress hormones in the bloodstream, relaxes muscles and gives an overall feeling of wellness. So whenever you feel stressed out, take a short break and give yourself reasons to laugh. Read some comics, watch a funny TV show or movie or even pay a visit to the circus.


This may not seem like a good idea to you as we have been raised in a society that discourages crying but believe me, your tears are more than just waterworks. Crying is a natural body function that helps relieve stress.

When we are stressed our body is filled with chemicals that affect our mood and feelings and increases your risk for heart attack and damage certain areas of your brain.

A good cry releases these chemicals through tears and brings about an overall relaxed feeling. Everyday, you and I are bombarded with stress—stress with work, family, money, health and many others. You cannot prevent stress from happening, but you can keep it from getting the best of you. Use these instant stress relievers to mellow down your stress levels so you can have a calmer and happier life.

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