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Tips On IQ Tests!

There are many different types of intelligence tests using a variety of methods. Some tests are visual, some are verbal, abstract,arithmetic, reading,memory or general knowledge.

Albert Einsten quote

And all try to convince you're not a genius. So what, you can always improve. Since early 1900 there were attempts to create a system for identifying learning-impaired children.

Since then it become a standard practice for testing and identifying children with mental retardation and learning disabilities.

Also it's use in many other fields, Armies they use around the world to give the best work for the new recruits, or in the school, for identifying the level of the student and consequently place them in the right class with same type of students.

Over the years intelligence tests has also been accused to trait unfairly test-takers by culture race, gender. And also for not giving importance to creativity, character and practical know-how. Also they have been accused of preclude the possibility for individuals to improve mental faculties to full potential in order to succeed in life.

Two Famous Types

The two famous types of  tests or IQs are:

  • The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale that comes from Alfred Binet a French psychologist, that in early 1900 who was commissioned by the State to find a system for identifying children with disabilities. There were many updates and modifications on this methods over years, but the basic remain the same. This can be used from age 2/3 to 23. This scale tests intelligence across four areas: verbal reasoning abstract/visual reasoning, and short-term memory, quantitative reasoning. Also there are other 15 sub areas, including comprehension, copying, quantitative, number series, and memory evaluation. Total testing time is 45-90 minutes, depending on the length of it. The results is calculated from each row numbers with formula. Scores generally range from 40 (very low) to 160 (very high).

  • The Wechsler Intelligence Scales consist of several different tests used to evaluate intellectual abilities from all ages. This intelligence test was invented and used from David Wechsler in early 1900s an American psychologist for assigning recruits army jobs that best suited their abilities in United States Army. There are many edition of these, and they are still in use. There are different types divided by group of age people: adults, children and preschool and primary. The scales are divided into six verbal and five performance sub-tests. The complete test takes 60-90 minutes to administer. Verbal and Performance IQs are scored based on the results of the testing, and then a composite Full Scale IQ score is computed. Both this tests are used for assessing intellectual disorders or disabilities in school and other situation where is required a physiological assessments on mental health of individuals.

Why Is Important To Take Intelligence Tests

Most time treat those tests as something to do for fun, in origin the idea beyond the Intelligence tests was to help relate level of intelligence with performance in real life. This why there are different types of IQ tests. Generally has been shown that intelligence plays a great role in generating outcomes.

So it's possible to say a greater IQ can relate to some extent to better job performance, economic and social conditions. Even studies have shown the relation between IQ score and health conditions and happiness.

So this why I recommend this tests to anyone wants improve himself. But with the knowledge that you can do anything and be anybody in life. So don't be frustrated if IQ score it's not great you can always improve it.

For find good quality test I suggest you refer to psychology website or directly professionals if you want a high quality test. I want to do it for fun there are plenty web site online, where you can take for free. Unfortunately for the first option you have to pay.

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