In-to-Mate Consulting, LLC

by Shamika Taylor
(Atlanta, Ga.)

Business Name: In-to-Mate Consulting, LLC
Coach Name: Meka Taylor
Street Address: 1200 Foster St.
City, State: Atlanta, Ga.
Phone:(678) 278-9054

Practice Description: My coaching practice focuses on life, relationship, and career coaching. I provide coaching sessions via individual, couples, groups, and workshop sessions. I work to help you become a better you in all areas of your life. If you are having dating and relationship concerns I help you to work out issues regarding communication, your sex life, dating the "right" way, and single life. I will work with your career needs regarding resume building, identifying a career path based on your needs, etc. I will also work with other areas of your life such as effective planning and goal-setting.

Specialty Services: I have groups and workshops developed specifically for the LGBT community

Staff Information:
Shamika Taylor (Meka), is the Founder/Owner of In-to-Mate Consulting. She has a bachelor degree in Sociology from Jacksonville Unversity and a master degree in Professional Counseling from Argosy University. She is a National Certified Counselor and a Certified Life Coach. She has over six years experience in coaching, counseling, and leadership for adults and adolescents.

Group Facilitator Tascha Jenkins is a graduate from Argosy University where she earned a BA in psychology and MA in Community Counseling. She has participated in grief counseling groups for adolescents, for homeless, and abused and court ordered adolescents. Tascha currently provides individual and family therapy sessions under licensed supervision. Ms.Jenkins outlook on life is "no one is too old or young for a support system."

Hours of Operation: By Appointment only

Social Media:

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