Isochronic Tones
Good or Bad?

I have used Isochronic tones for a while, listen to few professional CD but never used that extensively as I did with Binaural Beats. So I can share my own experience about

 this new technology, and some technical information and the benefit. And also I will explain difference between them and Binaural beats and Monaural beats.

I had reasonable good experience with them, it was OK overall. But I've felt some difference between in sound and effectiveness compare to Binaural beats.

You have to consider that I have been meditate for years with binaural beets programs, so this is the reason why I've experienced some difference between the two technologies.

It's like when you go for a meal to your favor restaurant and you find out that is under new management with new chef. Well you still eat in there once more, but for sure after the meal you'll think there was something missing compare the many times before you had a meal in there.

This because you unconscious mind is remind you the taste of you favor dish in you mouth, that you had many time before in the same restaurant.

I am not saying you shouldn't try brainwave entrainment tones, but when I did honestly found some missing in them. Maybe because I love so much my old program of meditation.

Types Of Brain Wave Entrainment

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Before I go head I should describe some difference between different types of brain wave entrainment. I have to mention there is a less famous technology, which actually was first one many years ago, called Monaural beats. Difference between binaural and monaural beats is that with Monaural, the two sine waves are blended together before entering the ears.

So that pulse is produced from the difference between the two tones. In this case brain does not produce a third sound, like Binural beats. In this way Monaural beats are easy to produce a predictable brainwave frequencies so that this technology a pretty effective too.

Why Isochronic Tones Are Different

Now to go back to the Isochronic tones which is the third and newest brain wave entrainment method, it is very effective tool. I had some good results for a while too.They are made of single frequencies tone played at very define intervals. This intervals can change depending on what effect we want achieve as brain wave as response.

They differ even from monaural beats because the first one is a continuing pulse, in the isochronic there is clear distinction tones so with more clear interval between each tones. Some people has made the usual claim about any new technology, which is “it's more effective of any other brain wave technologies” so better that the one before.

I cannot tell you if this technology is actually better then previous ones. But what I can suggest you, is to try for yourself and see which give better results over reasonable period of time.

Other difference between this newest technology and and traditional Binaural beats is that in the first one you don't need to use any headphones, which can be a pleasant experience for many people. And from a more technical point of view they entrain both brain hemisphere individually rather at the same time like binaural beats.

They have many uses like Binaural beats and Monaural beats have many uses. They are very popular for who want explore altered states of consciousness. Or simply for people wants to used them to improve metal faculties, here some benefits.

Isochronic Tones Benefits

  • Increases production brain chemicals related to all body functions.
  • Significantly lower your stress levels and calms down your mind chatter.
  • Creates more self awareness.
  • Improve memory.
  • Improve focus.
  • Improve creativity.
  • Increase learning ability.
  • Develops and increase intuition.
  • Helps to healing depression state.


Just again as reminder I don't personally use Isochronic tones any more, because I love binaural beats, but I encourage to you to try them. So you can have a better idea for your-self in this way you can share your experience to club too. I've found some of the tones from this site very good.

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