Low Self Confidence
Is Low Confidence Sabotaging Your Life?

Before you can improve your low self confidence, you have to understand what that term actually means and what it means for your life. You then have to understand where your lack in confidence is coming from.

It is not too difficult to understand these things, and once you gain this knowledge you can take steps to build self confidence and bring greater success into your life.

First, it is important to understand the difference between low self confidence and low self esteem.

Most people use these terms interchangeably, but they do refer to two different problems. It can be broken down like this:

  • If you have low self esteem, you do not think you are a valuable person worthy of love and all other great things in life.
  • If you have low self confidence, you doubt your ability to accomplish things. It is your ability to be successful and take action that is in doubt, rather than your worth as a person.

Many people who struggle with self esteem also struggle to build self confidence in themselves. This is why the terms are not always distinguished from one another, but you can in fact struggle with one without struggling with the other. For example, you may think you are not a very good or successful person, but still feel confident in your abilities at work. Make sure you understand this distinction before you move on, because it is important to understand what you are combating while trying to turn your low self confidence around.

What Causes Low Self Confidence?

Confidence problems can come from different places, so there is no single cause to put your finger on. You are searching for the causes that have brought you to this point where you need to build self confidence. To help you get the search started, consider a list of the most common causes of confidence problems in many other people:

  • Subconscious fears
  • Guilt from perceived wrongs
  • Past failuresPhysical or emotional abuse
  • Extreme criticism from others
  • Self-criticism
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This is just scratching the surface of the many things that can cause confidence problems. You can start your attempt to build self confidence by thinking seriously about each of these potential causes of low self confidence.

Do you think fear of success or failure could be at the root of your confidence struggles? Or have you been told that you are nothing but a failure so many times in your life that you now accept it as the truth? Is it possible that previous failures have given you cold feet to try again? Do you have trouble seeing the good in your work because you are always critical of yourself?

Identify as many causes of your confidence issues as possible. You will then be one huge leap closer to boosting your confidence.

Defeated Self Confidence In Action

Consider a few quick examples of low self-confidence in action. Notice how these people feel defeated before they even give themselves a chance: Timothy was one interview away from getting a big promotion that would come with a substantial salary hike, which he really needed.

Sitting in the waiting room, he knew that he was not as qualified as the other candidate sitting across the room. He knew that he was wasting his time even going through the interview, and felt ashamed of himself for taking up the interviewer’s time.

This showed on his face when he walked into the interview and sat down with the interviewer. Peggy was more than a scared first-time mother. She spent all her time crying, and begging her husband not to return to work. She did not feels he could take care of the baby alone. She would make mistakes. She might hurt the baby. She did not feel confident in her abilities as a mother, and that led to depression. How has low self confidence affected your life? If you can learn how to improve your confidence levels, all of those negative circumstances can be turned around.

How Can You Build Self Confidence?

Now that you understand what self confidence is, have some understanding of what may be causing your lack of confidence, and have explored the negative effects on your life, it is time to get to work trying to build self confidence. Start by trying to turn around the causes of your confidence issues.

There are tools out there to help you build self confidence, regardless of what may be causing the problem. Yet, your individual causes will need to be taken into account throughout the process.

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