Does Really Mind Control
Hypnosis Work?

Many people believe that mind control hypnosis it's actually like in old movie. Where the protagonist gives the command through phone to kill someone, so that person at other end of the receiver act unconsciously on that order.

"Hypnosis can not force people to do things, unless they want too!"

I am afraid this type hypnosis like in the movie it's not possible. In other words the hypnosis will not work without a person will. No body will break a moral code and forced to do things.

There was a famous project done from CIA- MK Ultra- were they were try to create a perfect sleep assassin. Just like you sow in the movie. But they didn't succeed. I am not saying that mind control hypnosis it's useless. Actually with hypnosis you can do so many things, some crazy ones too.

What Hypnosis Is?

But let go the idea to control other people minds. Now let me tell you what is a trance state, or just hypnosis, is an alternate state of mind. In this state of mind that is more receptive to suggestion.

This state of mind is natural in human beings. Here an example where anybody can relate too.

You are driving a car. And you have an other 10 miles to go, and suddenly you find your self in driveway at home. And you ask yourself where happen to the last 10 miles? Yes that's trance state.

So in this case of hypnosis control mind but in different type from the one you always imagined.

As I said it's a state of mind where you are naturally high focused. The unconscious mind is powerful thing it can take care of many things.

An other example while reading a book the time completely flight by in a flash, and you find yourself been reading for hours without even notice it.

Now let rephrase the definition here: hypnosis is a natural and high focus state of mind, where one part, conscious part, does not interfere with, unconscious, other part of the mind.

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That's why, when you read a book your conscious side is an kind sleep mode. And if the ideas contained in the book are powerful emotionally can change your prospective on a topic, or indeed your life.

So every time you enter in a state of trance, hypnosis controls your mind, information are assimilate differently. They are internalized through the emotion state.

In other words you unconscious mind response only to emotions, it doesn't use your rational process.

For that reason it's possible to implant in your unconscious mind new emotional response to things you want improve in life. By giving a command while your in trance.

So for summarize mind control hypnosis does not excises in the way people thinks it's impossible use this method to force anyone to do things against their will.

But you can use mind control hypnosis technique to do a lot of other things, and general to improve your life.

The good news is possible to implant in your unconscious mind new information that will cause in automatic to achieve thing that consciously would be hard to achieve.

Applications of hypnosis are endless from therapeutic point view, and in self improvement arena.

Key Points

Key points for mind control hypnosis on a person are simple, here:

1) evoke a natural stage

2) use of person focus

4) need to put the so call critical factor at sleep

3) stimulate the unconscious mind with positive messages that will trigger a natural repose for achieve wanted results. But way the way the critical factor is that filter that,also call gate keeper, that everyone has that helps has in filtering information out.

Hypnosis Steps

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Usual a good hypnotist will follow this step for put hypnosis control mind of person. Here this four steps:

1) induce trance

2) deepen trance

3) stimulate unconscious mind by making positive suggestions

4) bring the person out the trance

Hope you got something out this information. Maybe your are less confuse about what actually it's an hypnosis state. At any rate there are many books, audio programs, or courses that you can do to learn more about this very exiting topic.

I want highlight some of the main points about hypnosis for you, here:

1) it can not control other people minds

2) it's force for good

3) can help anybody overcome many types of problems (phobias, weight loss, stop smoking, low self confidence, low self esteem, task performing etc)

4) it's able to by pass the critical factor of conscious mind and implant positive message in unconscious mind

5) unconscious mind is a emotional mind so he is not operating with reason

Mind Control Hypnosis Conclusion

I hope you know more now then before about this topic. And yes the mind can be controlled trough use of hypnosis. So if you want know more about mind control hypnosis techniques, learn more about this here.

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