Mind Powers
Harnessing The Amazing Power within You

By becoming familiar with your mind powers, you have the capability of harnessing the amazing power within yourself. While it is true that we each only have one mind, that one mind possesses two very different, distinct characteristics.

While similar, the functionality of these two aspects of the mind are considered to be quite different, according to medical professionals that specialize in topics such as biology, neurology, and psychology.

Many refer to these as the “Objective Mind” and the “Subjective Mind”. Others refer to them as the “Waking Mind” and the “Sleeping Mind”.

However, for the purpose and intent of this guide, we will refer to them as the “Conscious Mind” and “Unconscious Mind”.

The true powers of the mind stem from both the conscious and unconscious aspects of our mind.

While I am not a professional, I have conducted a lot of research on how we can use our mind powers to harness our true potential especially our subconscious mind power .

What Is The Conscious Mind?

In order to truly understand how to use mind powers to reach our highest potential, I feel it is necessary that we understand the differences between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

In essence, consciousness consists of the direct relationship between the mind, and every other aspect of the world that the mind interacts with on a regular basis. Many may refer to this as a sense of awareness, the unique abilities to cultivate experiences and to experience emotions. Ultimately, it is the main control center associated with the mind.

Oloiver Wendell Holmes quote

Every single aspect of ourselves, our world and anything else that is contained within our awareness is considered to be part of the conscious mind. Examples of components that are part of the conscious mind include our unique perceptions, the sensations that we experience, our memories as well as our emotional states.

What Is The Unconscious Mind?

In the simplest terms, the unconscious mind consists of all of the processes that the mind engages in that are unavailable to the part of the mind referred to as the “Conscious”. Despite the fact that the unconscious mind is a bit hidden, when it comes to mind powers, it is the most significant. According to research, the unconscious mind is slower than that of the conscious mind by hundreds of milliseconds.

Our deepest beliefs, emotions and ultimately, our successes in life or lack of thereof, reside in the unconscious mind. If you are interested in harnessing the powers of the mind, it has to start with the unconscious mind. Many utilize positive affirmation statements and exercises in order to create a success mindset at this level of the mind. By starting at the core of the mind, we are most likely to achieve the success that we desire in life

The Role Of The Conscious And Unconscious

Mind in Personal Development I have learned many important facts about the role of the unconscious mind and the conscious mind when it comes to personal development. While I do not claim to be any type of specialist, I can assure you that we each have the ability to harness an amazing amount of power by simply tapping into these aspects of our persona. I once read a comparison of these aspects of our mind to a garden.

I felt it did a great job of explaining what roles each aspect of our minds plays when it comes to our day to day lives. It started out by explaining that the mind is similar to a garden. Ultimately, you are the individual responsible for the garden. The seeds that you plant are actually the thoughts that you think.

You plant these seeds in the unconscious region of the mind. It continues by stating that you will, ultimately, reap what you sow in your unconscious mind. Therefore, if you want to reap success, happiness and other similar events, you must sow seeds of thoughts that are focused on happiness and success.

Conclusion On Mind Power

There is a direct correlation between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. There is also a direct correlation between the mind and the body. Many refer to this as the mind body connection .

If you want to harness the true capabilities of your mind powers, it is essential that you understand this important fact. The powers of the mind are unbelievable and have the ability to lead you down dark, deserted roads in life or bright, fun-filled roads of success.

It is up to you to plant the seeds of the powers that you want to obtain in your unconscious mind. By doing so, you will easily be able to reap all of the fantastic opportunities that you desire to experience in life.

Think of every single thought that you think as a cause and every single condition that you think as an effect. It is then that you will realize the importance of taking control over your thoughts. By doing so, you will experience mind powers beyond belief and those powers of the mind will bring about the changes that you desire in life.

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