Three Easy Nlp Techniques
That Make You Feel Good

Before I start to talk to describe this 3 nlp techniques for improve the image of yourself and your well being, I would like to explain what is nlp and where it started.

Nlp or neuro programming language are strictly relate to the name of Richard Bandler pharmacologist and informatics engineering, and John Ginder a linguistic teacher.

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Back in the early 70's when this two friends started to study the work of four major therapist of their time.

They had good results in developing therapy's methodology and in interpersonal communication.

The name of this four great therapists are Fritz Perl, Virginia Satir, Milton Erikson and Mosche Feldenkrais. They all have different approach to therapy but they all produce great results.

After a accurate study of the work of this four therapists, they tried to put themselves in the therapist shoes, so they copied the vary same therapists behavioral modality until they got their same results.

And after the study of each therapist methods they combine all them in one. They kept perfecting this method until they got the best refine version, and they've tried and tested on clients. The name of this method is NLP or neuro linguistic programming.

How It Works

think with your mind

As I say above I going to describe 3 nlp techniques that can help create more aware and achieve a better state of mind , keep in mind this are very simple and basic techniques but NLP is big thing there are a lot more advanced techniques.

Nlp is based on 3 aspect that you need to remember: -we have to train our perception to observe what we are you doing in any given moment. -we have establish an image of our-self of what would like to be, or do or achieve -and then we have to step into that image, so that we can verify it improve it and adapted it to our life.

Here the techniques I promise to describe, those exercise will take from the actual state of mind, the actual “self”, to where you want to be.

You have to do this exercises in a quite place, they will take about 20 mins each.

The Three Techniques

Here the three nlp techniques:
    1) what' s your actual state of “your self”? In this nlp exercise you need consider any change start with the self awareness, and also you have getting in touch you physical body.
    a) seat on a chair, close your eyes and star to check your body and feel the different parts, for example: your posture, the tension in your belly or face and notice anything you can feel. During this process notice your breathing.
    b)after the step “a” give a judgement of you actual state and repeat it out loud to your self.

    2) from the “I” self to the state desired . In this exercise you'll learn with this nlp technique how associated your self with image that you desire, and this way you give focus to unconscious mind. All this comes inner eyes, imagination, OK, here the steps:

    a) imagine that you can watch yourself in the movie or in the mirror. Project the image of yourself just as an actor in your favor movie. The way you stand, your shoulder position, you posture, your face. Can you see your self front, back and side? How do you see your self tall or short? What you think of this person? What do you feel by observing him? What imagine in the mirror has of himself? Write down all you discovery that you got from this step.

    b) on a second imaginary screen or mirror place the image of yourself in the way you want to be. Give to this image the posture that you want, spend a lot time in building this image the way exactly you want, with all the characteristics you desire. Again ask your self question as: how do you perceive this person in: size, in which light is in, the gestures, beavers? What attitude he has to life? Which opinion has of himself? Write down all your answers. And now see the difference between the image from step” a” to “b”.

    3) Jump in the second image. A now last exercise of nlp techniques just jump mentally in this second image and get in his skin and posture. Answer those questions:
    a) How do you feel being in the image of your self?
    b) What kind of internal state your now in?
    c) How do you breath now?
Repeat this last exercise of the nlp techniques until you feel and experience some real change in yourself. Some of this changes can be: your breathing becomes more deep and intense, you feel lighter and more active, you smile more, you feel taller, you notice all your senses become more vigilant.

NLP Techniques Conclusion

Hope you do enjoy this exercises, three simple nlp techniques but real powerful in create the new self that you desire. I suggest you do this three exercise everyday because your unconscious mind gets trained on the new image of yourself, as goal.

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