How To Make Your
Personal Development Plans!

What are personal development plans? That was my question when I heard for the first time those words. I've learned about them after various attempts to achieve goals, and failed badly.

That was before starting my self improvement journey. So I learned that without a self improvement plan, you can't make really any progress in life.

The importance is in the fact that you cannot focus only one goal, and forget about the big picture. What is the key factor in Self Improvement is that you need take look to all areas of life.

The reason why any time personal goal is achieved and then shortly after it's lost, it's because other area of life were over looked.

So that means all person parts have to work together in harmoniums way, certainly it's possible achieve any goals with strong determination one by one.

Many people do that, they read or practice self help material and apply the thing they learn, more so in business / career goals area.

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But soon later those same people will loose the vary thing achieved or they find having a life not really in harmony or out of balance. This why I strongly believe of the importance to have personal development plan with a mid long time direction.

Because all the part of person they will work unconsciously towards the same main goal have best life ever as all in all areas not just in one. See yourself as a team, not one only person,where each part has is unique set of talent working with other parts towards achieving the LIFE STYLE the you want.

So the more they working together the more you 're happy. For anyone truly committed to improve himself, it's very important to sit down and take look of him/herself and afterward make an personal development plan.

The 4 Steps Self Improvement Plan

There are many ways to make self development plans, I going to tell you mine in few seconds. If search online plenty of them, but I found some of this plan are really comprehensive but complicated others are too simple.

I believe a good personal plan should have four main components, here:

  • Identifying the actual situation for each area of life
  • Chose where you need to be for each area of life
  • Get write down the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Stick with plan until you feel it's completed the best way to start is from a honest self evaluation of you natural ability and interests, the mix of these are your strengths. And match them with your personal values.

Usually happen that some this strengths are not serving your personal values. That's a sing of disharmony in some area of life. Consequently the results that you get are not great.

So by doing this evaluation is great start you know where you at and then you can go on priorities the are of your life you want improve. In this way you will more direction.

Then you can make a list from the more important less one based on your own personal life.

Than you write a step by step plan with all the specific topic that you want improve in timely matter. So that you can take each step and evaluate the results that you get and stick with plan until you finished.

Don't forget many things in life can be improved all in automatic by being more self aware each moment.

Personal Development Plans Conclusion

Now I want just leave you with a tip which is essential to self improvement , which goes like this : many things in life can be improved but everything starts with being more "self aware" each moment. YOUR THOUGHTS , YOUR FEELINGS AND YOUR ACTIONS all together! So go and create your moments the way you want them!

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