Are You Afraid To Take a
Personality Assessments?

Personality assessments are part of personality quizzes and anyone can use them to learn about their own personality. Anyone has its own unique personality some believed that is collection of early expedience in life from childhood to adulthood.

Other theories say a major role is played even a genetic component too. What I can say I am not doctor but for what I “believe” that we all have an unique personality which is a characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

I don't know if it's genetically hereditary or collection of experiences in life but the fact remain it's better have good understanding of our-self.

It's easy to say that majority of people never bother to find out about their physiological personality throughout all life. That's not a critic but again if anyone wants make progress in life has take time to “studies himself”.

Why Should You Take A Personality Test?

Why anybody should consider to do a self assessment testst? Especially if that person is into self improvement education? I said above the better you know the aspects of you personality the better result you'll get.

Two important factor to keep in mind:

  • it's possible to improve anything in life
  • for anyone which is committed to the cause

I am not say this to scare anyone, actually is to push right buttons in your mind. So that's why I recommend before start working in any area of your life, first find out what's personality like.

In life there are always other ways to do the same thing, even with personality assessments there are several different ways. Like for examples: having accountable partner helps pointing out personality aspects , or keeping a daily journal where note all thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Maxwell Maltz quote

But again all this methods require time a serious commitment and they can lead to a lot miss interpretation.

So a person can have good information by taking some quality assessments especially if assisted from professional help.

An other way to say it's, the better you know yourself the better chance you in improving your life.

If you go online there are tons of site where you can take different types of personality assessment tests please make sure you choose a good company / university (which they do for pure research studies). Some are free to use other you have to pay, in general are not too expensive.

Personality Assessments Types

There many types of assessments here a breve list:

Projective test based on idea to show to people imagines draws or words really confusing in a way to trigger a reaction from the unconscious mind. I'm sure you done once in your life

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is an other well-known test type but recommended for clinical use only, since the early 1930 was designed for assessing and diagnose mental illness. But it's still most used.

The so called Big Five is an other very popular it's been around from early 1950, it's used especially in work / business arena. It's based on the idea there are 5 major categories (extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness) of personality and relative sub combination. User has answer about 60-80 questions.


Important note use this personality assessments just to find out your profile type and stay away from other tests where they try evaluate mental disorders.

As general knowledge personality is a complex world and it's different in each person which may display behaviors across several of these major categories.

So don't relay on this like a some kind of dogma, so leave a plenty space for discrimination, especially if you do it by yourself.

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