Positive Self Talk
The Key
To Building Self Confidence

Positive self talk can help you achieve success. If you listen to the things you say to yourself inside your head, you might agree that you’d be offended if those same remarks

came from a friend or stranger. Many people that find it hard to achieve success find they don’t have a good self talk.

In fact, they often find that most of the words they say to themselves are not only negative; they’re completely degrading and detrimental to success.

Positive self talk is a personal reaffirmation indicating you’re doing a good job, you’re competent, you socialize well or you’re good looking. It can be about any facet of your life.

Of course, in most cases, those spewing negative self talk truly believe the garbage they tell themselves, which is even sadder. If there is anyone on the face of the globe important to befriend it’s yourself.

You spend the most time with yourself and you’re constantly whispering in your own ear so you have the most influence. After all, if you don’t like yourself or treat yourself with respect, who will?

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What Is Positive Self Talk And
How Does It Build Self Confidence?

Even the most confident people need an “atta boy” occasionally. It’s confirmation that you’re on the right track, doing a good job or making headway in an endeavor. Since most of us don’t have a hired mental coach, we have to take matters into our own hands and give positive intrapersonal communication .

Why is a positive mind set important? Some of us were lucky enough to have supportive parents that talked to us in encouraging words. These words stuck with us and we continue to use them when we need a boost or have a difficult mission to tackle. Unfortunately, even if we had the best of parenting, occasionally a person in our life was not as kind, loving, believing or caring and we can learn those negative concepts too. What we say to ourselves, comes from what we learned through life and some of it will build self confidence while other types of self talk tears it down. Without self confidence, it’s next to impossible to be successful in any endeavor. Positive self chatter is like saying positive affirmations.

Does Positive Self Talk Work

Encouraging yourself mentally goes a long way in helping you overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs. Your brain reacts to what it believes is the truth. If it believes you’ll fail, you can escalate to the sky but at the last second, drop back below your starting point because of a stupid idiotic move you can’t believe you did. That’s because your success is a lie if your subconscious believes you’re a failure and the subconscious strives to keep the real world in line with it’s beliefs.

Affirmative self talk overcomes false beliefs and sends new messages to the subconscious. After repeating the message enough, it eventually begins to believe it. Once your subconscious believes you’re a success, it builds self confidence and intuitively you’ll begin to make the right choices or take the best paths in life.

Can Affirmations/Positive Self Talk
Really Build Self Confidence

What is self confidence anyway? It’s nothing more than believing you’ll succeed and have value. People believe this because they learned it along the way either from parents, if they were lucky, or from experience. Sometimes both experience and parents teach harsh, unacceptable lessons with the words they say or the words of others after a failing experience. This does not build self confidence.

In order to quit hearing the same old negative thoughts, you can create new thoughts you want to implant, thoughts that give you the picture of achieving success in any endeavor. It’s like the little engine that could repeating, “I think I can, I think I can,” only more definite. Instead of saying I think I can, you say I am, I have and I did. The words of belief you tell your self helps build self confidence.

How To Train Yourself

If you want to build confidence, you need to learn how to use self talk to build it. Self talk is nothing but affirmations that you read until you know them and say them to yourself until you internalize them.

You always write them in the positive such as, “I am happy, healthy and wealthy.” An affirmation written in the negative, such as “I won’t overspend anymore,” won’t work. Your brain hears only the words I overspend and the message that you’re sending is that you already overspend, so it reinforces the very habit you’re trying to break. You won’t build self confidence with these types of affirmations.

You’ll find that positive self talk works best if you first practice the affirmations in a relaxed atmosphere. Some people meditate and others combine them as part of self-hypnosis sessions. When you’re relaxed or in a meditative state, you’ll find that many of the barriers your mind has to block change, drop and you’ll access the subconscious faster with the positive self talk. Because of that, you’ll also build self esteem faster.

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