Change Your Life by
Changing Your Self Concept

You use your self concept as way to evaluate how we compare to others. It includes the way we think about our physical appearance, our personality, our

relationship with our family and how we look at our family compared to others.

It also includes how we react in social situations, our morals and judgment of others and ourselves as well as what we believe about our personal life.

The strength of our self image is only as powerful as our own personal sense of identity.

Factors That Create Your Self Perception

People don’t simply wake up one day and decide they’re smart, beautiful or personable. Many of these concepts come from the input of others. If you grew up hearing your parents tell you how incredibly stupid you were, you’ll most likely feel stupid. In turn, you either won’t try in school or won’t have the confidence to answer questions and you’ll appear stupid.

Frequently those with a poor self concept act in ways that convince others the self confidence is correct. Because of this, others believe the concept true and react in a way that confirms the individual’s initial belief. If you think everyone hates you, you become withdrawn or hostile. You might take every remark as an insult and react to it. In turn, others are put off by your behavior and do dislike you. Of course, their reaction to you then confirms your belief and you become even more convinced your self concept was correct.

People that believe they can’t succeed, won’t. That’s because they have no confidence in their ability. In order to build that confidence, they have to change the way they see themselves. In the initial stages, it’s very difficult to build self confidence because the images of they hold in their mind conflicts with the potential of success. It takes many different successes before it begins to chip away at the old image. Eventually, they do build self confidence if there’s enough success in their lives.

How You Developed Your Self Concept

Even though your parents probably were the biggest influence on the way you viewed yourself, other people’s opinions also helped to create it. If other children treated you badly in school because you didn’t look like other children, weren’t perfect, had some type of flaw or spoke funny, it often follows you the rest of your life. Even though you might have outgrown whatever made you different, you may still carry the burden of feeling different throughout your adult life.

Herry Wadsworth Longfellow quote

When you compare yourself to others, you’re also creating your self image. You’ll always be able to find the way you’re different from another person or even inferior to others, no matter whom you are. The most brilliant and successful man in the world will find a way to feel inferior if he didn’t build self confidence along the way.

One good example is the ugly duckling that never could compete with the homecoming queen. However, once out of school and away from that environment, she blossomed. She outgrew whatever the others noted as different and less than perfect; extra weight, awkwardness, or bad complexion.

No matter how beautiful the new people thought she was, in her own mind, she was still that ugly, awkward child. She’ll always be able to find someone more beautiful and stunning. If someone gave her a compliment, she was sure the person was making fun of her and reacted in kind. Consequently, few people ever complimented her a second time, so it confirmed her belief even more.

Ways To Change Your Self Concept

In order to change your self image, you have to change your preconceived ideas. By doing that, you’ll build your self confidence. It’s not easy to do. First, you must listen to your self talk. Do you constantly tell yourself you’re a failure, dumb or unloved? This normally is an indication of a poor self-identity.

One of the quickest methods to change the self concept and build self esteem is through hypnosis and affirmations. You bypass the logical mind with hypnosis and go directly to the subconscious to implant the new beliefs. While you can achieve the same results through affirmations and years of work, it’s far quicker with hypnosis.

You can go to a professional hypnotist or learn to use self hypnosis. During hypnosis, you simply implant healthy, positive self talk affirmations into your mind and the mind accepts them more readily in the hypnotic state. You’ll change your mental image and build self confidence far more rapidly with this method.

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