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Self esteem exercises change how you view yourself in your own mind. The way we see ourselves shines through and that’s exactly how others see us too. Sometimes even though we make changes in our lives, it can also take others a while to realize these changes are

long lasting because they to have to relearn a new image.

Everyone faces failure occasionally, the difference between a person who believes he’s a failure and one who knows he simply didn’t succeed this time, is self confidence.

You can boost your self esteem with self confidence building exercises.

There are many different types of exercises and the ones you select depends on how much change you want in your life, the amount of time you have to dedicate to that change and your dedication to change.

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Affirmations are self esteem exercises that are nothing more than a phrase that helps you achieve a specific goal. “I am smart and always know how to do just the right thing to improve my life,” is one example of a positive affirmation. Writing affirmations and repeating them is part of the program to boost self esteem, but you also should take other steps if you use affirmations for esteem building exercises.

You need to increase your awareness of your self talk. If you aren’t aware how you sabotage yourself with your own self talk, you’ll never be able to change it. Increasing your awareness allows you to note the habitual negative self talk and then consciously change it to something positive.

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Spend one day making notes every time you start telling yourself something negative. Every time you think something negative, realize you have the choice to make it a positive statement rather than a negative one.

As children, we often face parents, teachers and other children making condemning statements to us, which stick if there’s nothing to offset that statement. When using an affirmation program or any other self esteem exercises for that matter, you have to be your own best friend, wonderful parent or caring teacher. You tell yourself the things you wished you heard as a child.


Visualization combined with affirmations can be one of the most powerful exercises around. One friend of mine continually felt unloved and unlovable. She heard her mother’s voice in her head, constantly condemning her. No matter how much success she achieved, it was never enough. She even married a man that continued the verbal assault on her continuously.

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After her divorce, she worried that she would marry the same type of man if she didn’t change the thoughts in her head. She began to visualize her mother becoming more loving and caring. She had mental conversations with her mother where the woman would offer loving and confidence building remarks. In addition, she also wrote affirmations noted she deserved and received good treatment from loved ones.

The most amazing part of these self esteem exercises was that within the year there was a dramatic change in her mother on the real plane. She became supportive and caring. If fact, she became the mother the woman saw in her visualizations. The visualizations and affirmations did enough to boost her self esteem that it wasn’t long before she found a wonderful man that treated her with loving respect, too.


Self-hypnosis can boost self esteem, too. You may have thought of self-hypnosis to lose weight or quit smoking but it also is one of the great self esteem exercises.

It works the same way as affirmations and visualizations but you relax your conscious mind so the thought imprints faster. During self-hypnosis and hypnosis, you’re hyper-alert and yet in a very relaxed state.

Once you learn to go into the hypnotic state, you can create your own affirmations or if you want a fool proof method, use a CD or other type of program to help you go to the hypnotic state. These also contain positive thoughts to implant in your mind while relaxed. This type of self confidence builder normally works faster than simply using affirmations.

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming uses a variety of tools to help people overcome self-confidence issues. In fact, many companies use it to train salespersons because it offers methods of guiding those around you to believe the information you select. However, psychotherapists first used it to help change the behavior of those who were depressed or had other mental health issues.

The basis for the self esteem exercises is similar to those of affirmations, but the approach is very different. Instead of changing the mind to change the external behavior and ultimately the way people view you, it helps people make subtle changes in their verbal and non-verbal cues to others, thereby changing the way people view them. Ultimately, this will boost self esteem.

Other Programs And Your Input

I’d love to hear about your experiences with different self esteem exercises. If you’ve used one of those I’ve mentioned, please leave a comment. If you’ve used another type of esteem builder, I welcome you to share your experience. We can all improve when we share our experiences with others.

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