Struggling With
Self Esteem Issues

If you're struggling with self esteem issues, you're certainly not alone. In order to build yourself up, it's important to be aware that a majority of mental growth begins with healthy

teen self esteem. As we grow and learn, we encounter many changes and challenges.

During adolescence, we depend upon other people's viewpoints to help us form a strong foundation of beliefs and values.

Parents, teachers and other authority figures contribute to how we see ourselves and how we perceive that others see us.

If caregivers boost our self-image, self-respect and self-confidence, we'll develop a healthy self esteem.

Alternately, abusive or neglectful parents and teachers can destroy our budding self-confidence.

Self Esteem Issues Of Abused Children

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Abused children adopt a rigid way of thinking – everything is all black or all white – where nothing is in shades of gray. Poor teen self esteem follows us to adulthood. We become our own worst critic, creating stress that leads to depression and anxiety. For example, we don't value partial success towards a goal, since we don't appreciate that all the little steps count.

We can't successfully "win" at this thing called life, as long as we submit to rigid ways of judging our self-worth. Due to childhood conditioning, our adult self esteem is fragile and we continue to see ourselves as all good or all bad. What enabled us to survive an abusive childhood becomes a burden.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could toss bad memories out and start with a clean slate? As humans we can't begin again, we can only start changing where we are now.

Positive Mind Overcomes
Self Esteem Issues

Even children raised in a model home can develop low teen self esteem. One kid is too fat, another is too thin, somebody else is of a different culture and another kid wears glasses. Teens can be brutal; they tease or ignore anyone they perceive as "different".

If you're struggling with low self-worth, you can change anything about yourself that you have a real desire to change. First, you must understand how your miraculous mind works.

Write this down and carry it with you: "I can do this thing or something greater".

This is the first step towards solving your self esteem issues! Let's briefly touch upon how the mind works. Your conscious mind works through the five senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and tasting. You make decisions and control your thinking through conscious mind. Whatever you think, say, hear or read again and again programs your subconscious mind. Subconscious mind receives your messages and carries them out exactly as you command.

Re-Programming The
Subconscious Mind

Whether you're an adolescent, college student or responsible adult, you have the power to re-program your subconscious mind.

You can think new thoughts regarding self esteem issues. You can empower yourself with greater teen self esteem or attain higher self-worth as an adult.

It's a matter of repetition! Start with this affirmation – "I am a lovable person with a delightful personality." – repeat it out loud five times, morning, noon and night.

Your subconscious mind will accept this positive thought and get busy enhancing your self-assuredness.

Planting Positive Thought-Seeds

If you planted watermelon seeds, you wouldn't expect to grow cucumbers, would you? In the same way, if you plant negative self-image seeds, negativity is what you'll get.

This practice has worked for millions of adults with self-esteem issues and will vastly improve teen self-esteem.

By repeating over and over,"I am worthless." "I will never amount to anything." you'll foster negative self-image. You can plant positive thought-seeds, by changing your self-talk – "I am a worthy person." "I deserve good things in life."

Power-Up Success with Mind-Pictures

Changing your self-image will raise your degree of success. When you combine mind-pictures with affirmations, you'll be amazed how diligently the subconscious will work for your benefit.

Making mind-pictures is the ability to visualize. You can make disciplined mind-pictures that visualize the positive person you are becoming and goals you wish to achieve. If you're working on teen self esteem, you can improve your self-confidence, athletic skills or lose weight.

Let's consider weight loss for an example. Close your eyes and make a mind-picture of yourself stepping on the scale; see the indicator stop at your desired weight. Feel your clothes fitting looser on your slimming body. See yourself at the mall, shopping for a new wardrobe. Hear your friends congratulating you for losing all that weight.

Self Esteem Issues Conclusion

Are you excited to begin working on your issues? Stay with your practice and before you know it, you'll get addicted to miracles!

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