Would A Self Esteem Test Help
You To Achieve Your Goals?

Is it possible that taking a self esteem test would help you to feel better about yourself? This is a question that should be asked when it seems that life has kicked you in the teeth one too many times. When you lose your job, does it feel as though

Ralph Waldo Emerson

it is always your fault? Do you blame yourself if a relationship fails? These are just two areas that may be helped by taking a test.

Self esteem is vitally important for successful relationships, personal achievements and happiness.

By accomplishing the tasks that are necessary to raise my self esteem and create a better “me”, I can reach out to help others to accomplish the same goals.

It is necessary to evaluate each step of the process. You will learn the steps as you determine the areas of your life and feelings that need the most help.

Taking a self esteem test can determine those areas quite simply.

By taking the test at a reputable website, the help for each step will be pointed out for your use. It will allow you to venture into new territory and come out a better person at the end of the journey.

What Does The Test Determine?

In many instances, by taking the test, you can distinguish between low self esteem and depression. There are a few differences that will be noticed if you take the self esteem test. It will give you the opportunity to determine if you believe in yourself. It will also let you know if you are giving yourself enough credit for the accomplishments in your life. By evaluating your feelings, the determination can be made as to the degree of low self-esteem.

It is important to keep in mind that it is not simply a “pass or fail” test, but rather an evaluation of why you feel the way you do. Using the results of the self esteem test will help you to set out a plan to make the changes that will increase your self esteem. Often you can start with a simple self esteem quiz which can determine if you need to go farther in the evaluation process.

Sample Questions

  • How do I feel about myself?
  • What can I do to make myself feel better about me?
  • What is my self esteem based upon?
  • Do I use masks to avoid unpleasant situations? Do they help me be the person that I believe others want me to be?
  • Am I willing to risk my normal behavior in an effort to increase my self esteem?

How you feel about yourself.

    1) If I am myself, people will not like me.

    2) No one would notice if I simply disappeared.

    3) I believe I am a failure.

    4) I have a constant fear that my peers and my friends will reject me.

    5) I will never live up to the standards that are set by others.

These statements should be answered with responses such as:

    a) Strongly agree

    b) Agree

    c) Somewhat agree or disagree

    d) Disagree

    e) Strongly disagree

While many of the statements do not sound like “questions”, they will help to point out the weak areas and guide you to begin a course of self-help or professional help to increase your self esteem.

Another format may be simply checking statements that pertain to your everyday life and feelings.

    1) I fall apart when I am criticized. This is true even if I ask someone’s opinion.

    2) It is difficult to trust someone regardless of the length of time I know them.

    3) I often tell too much about myself in an effort to fit in to the social setting.

    4) My parents made me feel that I never lived up to their expectations.

    5) I cannot perform in a physical relationship that meets my expectations.

    6) When I become flustered, I blank out and take a back seat to the activities going on.

Positive answers to the majority of the questions that appear on a self esteem test such as this indicate that there may indeed be an issue. While not an expert in the field, I can assure you that you can help yourself to get a healthier outlook on life and about yourself with the right assistance.

Taking a self esteem quiz or a self esteem test can guide you down the right path to a happier more fulfilling life.

Why Is Self Esteem So Important?

By recognizing the value within you, you can succeed in your relationships, your career and your education. Your confidence in yourself will allow you to pursue your goals and achieve your goals. As well as goal setting and accomplishments, having a higher self esteem will help you to cope with stress and will assure a sense of well-being within yourself. It will benefit the most important person in your life. YOU.

Beginning with your self esteem test is a good way to start your journey to a better self. It will allow you the opportunity to venture into new areas and feel assured that you can do it and do it well.

How Do I Start The Process?

By finding a website that has your interest as their main goal, you can begin to take your test. The proper guidance will be provided and each step will be evaluated. All of this can be done in the privacy of your own home without having to divulge your fears to another person. It is done confidentially and thoroughly with the use of your computer.

Often people will begin with a simple self esteem quiz. It provides short questions and answers and may well lead you to the need for a more complete self esteem test. As you progress to the testing area, be sure to answer questions from the heart. Do not give the answers that you fell will best determine what you want them to be.

This will negate the value of the test and consequently the amount of help that you will receive. It may prove beneficial if you follow your gut and do not “over read” the questions. By answering with the first thing that comes to mind, you will probably get a more honest result.

The tests that are available are testing your knowledge of some foreign subject. They are asking about how you feel about yourself. How do you react in given situations? Do you avoid meeting new people because you already “know” they are not going to like you? All of these are guidelines to self-examination and the need to increase your self-esteem.

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