Self Hypnosis Scripts
What Are They?

Self hypnosis scripts are used in self hypnosis to attain specific results. The words contained in these are meant to affect the subconscious mind. These statements try to change certain

behaviors that you do not want to do into behaviors you want to do.

You can use ones written by experts or you can write your own to do hypnosis on yourself.

However, who knows better than you what you are trying to work on? It does take some practice to accomplish this task.

Are There Any Downsides
To Trying Self Hypnosis?

Hypnosis in general is not for everyone. You have to be open to it for it to work. Many get in their own way. Also, beginners need to have the advice of experts before proceeding. If you are one, there are certain self hypnosis techniques you will need to learn to be able to get the type of results desired.

How To Make Your Own
Self Hypnosis Scripts?

First, know that these self hypnosis texts are said over and over again by you in various self hypnosis techniques. Therefore, it is more effective to choose words and phrases that are easy to remember. If you write one that is too long or complicated, it might not be as effective as a plainly written one.

The length needs to be short to medium so that you can repeat it again and again until the right results are attained. Always make the self hypnosis texts themed on some type of positive change. Make sure the wording is done accordingly.

The subconscious mind ignores words such as "not". An example of a positive statement for losing weight would be "I am only going to eat lean meats." An example of negative self hypnosis scripts is "I will not eat fatty meats." Your subconscious will comprehend the second one as "I will eat fatty meats."

Hypnotic watch

Be very specific focusing your mind. Stick to the goal and use texts that only pertain to it. It is easy when you are working on your own to get side tracked if you are not careful. This is a very important part of self hypnosis techniques.

Speak to yourself in first person with these statements. Use "I am" instead of referring to self as "you", this is more personal and effective. Always use the present tense and steer clear of past tense. This will reach the subconscious mind with fewer problems.

Set realistic goals with the scripts you write. When you set difficult goals for the subconscious mind, the conscious mind can resist and destroy your chances for success. You have to be able to think positive about the scripts you are saying to achieve the desired results.

You should be able to visualize yourself attaining your goals. This is very effective to include in the self hypnosis techniques you use. The use of imagery will cause the subconscious mind to favorably react. Use words in the self hypnosis texts that evoke such imagery to achieve your desired goal.

How To Use A Self Hypnosis
Scripts Effectively?

The texts for self hypnosis are to be used as a tool to guide you on your path through the self hypnosis techniques. They are designed typically to target one particular goal or problem. You might want to clear your life from negativity, lose weight or quit smoking. The texts are said many times to achieve a trance that is part of the hypnosis process. It is important that each script is tailored made for the issue you are addressing.

Where Can You Find Effective Texts?

You can find many effective texts online to use in self hypnosis. These are free and can also act as examples for ones you write. You will find that writing the self  hypnosis scripts yourself that you can personalize them more than someone else writing them for you.

There are programs and books on the subject that you can buy. These will provide you more effective results in the long run.

After all, you do not want to spend time and trouble trying something on your own if it is not going to be effective. Lean on the knowledge of others like I have to find your way.

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