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Self improvement articles, Stories by YOU!!! Do you have an experience that you want to share, something about your personal development journey that has changed your life for the better. Here some ideas:

  • First time I'm throughly passionate about my job!
  • Or my depressed days are over!!
  • The first I used self hypnosis on me or hypnotized someone else!
  • My techniques for create better thoughts and feelings!
  • How I''ve stopped my fear of......

Or do you have a problem regarding health, self confidence, self esteem issues, fears, regarding any techniques and topics that is covered on this site!


The intention is to share information, experience , advices and techniques that causes the readers to shift their awareness, helping them in create an improved version of themselves in any area of life.

So you have something about your personal development jurney that you want share? Please feel free to submit your "Stories" on any self improvement topic that feels important to you.

But the way by sharing you'll feel better because you've contibuite not only to improve yourself by get thing off you chest, also becouese your helping other people to lear from your experience. And That will make you feel much better.

"Also if you are "expert" in the area of personal development, you're more the welcome to share your thoughts and techniques here with the rest of the Club. So please help increase the awareness of this community!"

Once the story has submitted and approved your article will be featured in a separate page with your URL, so that you can send to anyone you wish. Also if you like you can remain anonymous. So enjoy these self improvement articles and I hope find them valuable!

Guidelines: for your stories: 500 words minimum in length, has to be well written, no grammatical errors, and very important has to be useful for our readers and must be original and unique for Also if you own a website we let you post the link to your site at the end of your self improvement articles. Also please make sure to provide your email if would like to be notified. SO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION AND THANKS!!!


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