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The facts about these programs!

While speed reading software programs are fairly new to the market, the art of enhancing reading speed, comprehension and retention of text that has been around for a while. From President John F Kennedy to President Carter and many other prominent  statesmen,

popular educationists and some of the most well known intellects have divulged that the ability to read at surprisingly fast speeds is at the core of their success.

Reading fast can significantly cut down your studying and learning time; the skill of reading is vital whether you are still in your scholastic life or have moved to professional pursuits.

Reading can come to your rescue even when you are struggling with boredom; however, nothing can put you to sleep faster than crawling through a book.

Fortunately, a speed reading software can easily remedy the situation. While most people languish at a mere 200 words per minute some are stuck in the drudgery of not more than 100 words per minute.

Needless to say, their less than perfect reading skills usually costs them grades in school and promotions at work.

The importance of reading fast can easily be understood by the rate at which people read at various scholastic points in their life. Although kids in grade school understandably stay at 40 or 50 words per minute some doing even less, there is a remarkable increase by the time they are in high school with a reading rate of almost 150 to 200 words.


This increases further to 300 to 400 words by the time youngsters are in their final year of college and goes up higher to an astounding 500 to 600 wpm in case of masters and doctoral students. This simply goes to show that reading is integral to education success.

With a speed reading software it is possible to augment your rate of reading to a mammoth 1000 wpm while maintaining your comprehension and retention of the text. Add to this the fact that the skill can be mastered by people of all ages and it is easy to understand the popularity of speed reading software.

What Is A Speed Reading Program?

A speed reading program is a skill improvement course that uses a variety of exercises, tools and techniques to aid you in augmenting your reading speed. It also assists you in getting rid of bad habits which end up increasing your time of reading without raising the level of comprehension or retention. Available in user friendly formats, these speed reading software programs will help you to read voluminous texts at amazing speeds and once you are done, you will also be able to answer questions on the text.

Benefits Of Speed Reading Software

Educational benefits: The curricula across subjects and levels are becoming progressively large. So, learning any subject today entails a significant amount of reading. Unfortunately, a person with poor reading skills will find the sheer volume of information that needs sifting through almost unfathomable. On the other hand, going through a speed reading program will enable students to absorb the vast amount of data faster and save enough time for other pursuits.

Enhance your information bank: With fast reading you will also be able to excel on the works scene, as you go through seemingly large reports at break neck speed.

Augments focus and attention: It is not unusual to find your mind wandering away as you read something. With speed reading, you can train your brain to focus on the information in hand which greatly enhances your attention and hence the interpretation of the data.

Highlights the important parts of the text: Speed reading software will teach you to visually highlight the most important parts of a text which aids in their retention.

Affordable: Despite the immense benefits of a speed reading program, these software courses are affordably priced. As a matter of fact, with a little bit of research, you should easily be able to find a program that suits your budget and your requirements.

Using The Program

The first step to efficaciously using the program is going through the activities section. These are the practical exercises which enable you to augment your reading speed. While it will take you some time to get through these activities, it is imperative that you not skip them. The nest step involves setting a base reading speed; this can be determined through an initial test in the program. You will find that most exercises have a common format where you will be given a text and your comprehension will be checked along with your reading time with the help of questions.

Once your base reading speed has been determined, you should go through the various lessons and activities and test your reading speed every step of the way to gauge your performance.

You will find that the program will be divided into lessons, activities and drills. The drills section will be further divided into warm up routines that help you to train your eyes to move faster across the text; activities that will help you to reduce vocalization of the text at the subconscious level and exercises that help you to read texts of varying sizes, fonts and colors etc. All of these should be completed for best results.

How To Buy Speed Reading Software?

Go through the exercises: Like any other skill, practice will make you perfect even when trying to improve your reading speed. Now, in order to practice regularly, you will need a lot of exercises and drills that drive home the lessons. So, the first thing to check when analyzing the efficacy of a program is the number of exercises included in the package. This will have a direct bearing on how soon and how much you learn.

Program should teach new techniques and eliminate bad habits: The program should follow a two pronged approach. It should inculcate good reading habits and eliminate issues that slow down reading like back skipping, sub vocalization, eye slaving etc.

Ample of reading material: The program should be offered with a variety of texts and enough reading material to suffice throughout the duration of the course. These programs are usually used on a daily basis, so if they donât furnish enough and varied content, the user may lose motivation in the long run out of sheer boredom.

Comprehension and retention evaluation: Make sure that the software not only measures your reading speed but also your level of comprehension and retention. After all, reading fast would be quite futile if you cannot understand and remember the information.

Without a doubt, investing in a speed reading software will give you the added push you need to excel in your scholastic and professional life. While enrolling in a speed reading course is always an option, these programs can be incredibly expensive and often yield the same results that you would get from a software.


Although it is not uncommon to harbor some amount of skepticism about a program that is entirely computer based, the fact remains that you are trying to enhance your reading skill, and what better way to bring about an improvement than actually reading your way through the program?

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