Use Stress Relief Balls
To Calm Your Nerves

Stress relief balls are one of the many stress relief toys that are on the market to help combat the anxiety and calm the nerves. Stress can be detrimental to

the body, so it is smart to find ways to at least alleviate it before it does damage.

Stress can be attributed to being the number one cause of a plethora of health issues.

It's no small wonder that stress has caused the birth of a whole industry of stress relieving toys that help to lower the impact and damage that stress can do. Can these toys really work to combat the stress?

Why Stress Relief Balls

These "stress relief toys" are the latest in a trend of stress relief items to help people keep the anxiety under control. First it helps to understand what does and how it occurs. When we face a situation that is unpleasant or even hostile it will result in feelings of anxiety.

Nice Balls

The hormones adrenaline and cortisol are produced when stress is at its height. This causes the heart rate and blood pressure to increase. It causes us to lose sleep and the desire to eat and the inability to concentrate. We can have erratic mood swings and even anger.

The theory behind stress balls is that it helps to focus attention on one thing, thus eliminating the stresses the mind was hanging onto. This is the same type of reaction as doing other stress relief toys like solving puzzles or playing a video game. It is an outlet for the stress to leave and it clears the mind.

When this happens the body is able to relax, which helps blood circulation to improve. The hands are full of nerves and the action of squeezing and rolling and catching the balls helps to ease pent up stress all over the body in a form of acupressure.

How Stress Relief Balls Work

They work by the action of squeezing the balls and flexing the muscles of the arms, hands and shoulder. It is in the action of the release that encourages the muscles to relax.

It is hoped to be a chain reaction to the rest of the body. You can use the balls as a form of exercise (which helps the body to also release endorphins, the "feel good" hormones), just increase the time of the squeeze hold by a little each day.

It has more than just stress relieving properties, it also helps to build manual dexterity in the hands as well as the strength. Squeezing the balls helps to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome. Athletes use the balls to help build strength in their hands and arms and shoulders.

Who Can Use Stress Relief Balls?

Anyone who has a lot of pent up stress can benefit from using stress relief toys. Let's face it, stress comes at you from all directions these days. There aren't too many people who don't experience stress in some form on a day to day basis.

The idea is to own a stress ball and squeeze it when the stress hits to get rid of it. These are "quick fixes" and for some may work very well. Others may need more advanced stress relief toys, like working out a puzzle. But for those who need a quick physical way to release the anxiety, these stress balls will do the trick, plus they are inexpensive.

These balls are especially beneficial for people who work repetitively with their hands. Repetition with the hands can cause undue stress physically like carpal tunnel syndrome. Squeezing on a ball is therapeutic, as it helps to loosen up the muscles to prevent the stiffness and pain associated with conditions like that.

They can help arthritic people, which also experience stiffness and pain in their joints. Hiding small stress relief balls in the desk, or around the home, will help to be able to use it when the pain starts to hit, stopping it before it gets too bad. Carrying stress relief toys with you is easy since most are small enough to fit in pockets and purses. If you are prone to stress, carry something along that will help to relieve the stress and anxiety.

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