What Is Subliminal Hypnosis
And Does It Actually Work?

Everyone is familiar with hypnosis but the idea of Subliminal Hypnosis or called Covert Hypnosis or Conversational Hypnosis may not be as familiar to them. Hypnosis is a process where a person uses inductions to deliver suggestions to the subject.

The subject is put in a trance and accepts the suggestions because it is bypassed to the unconscious mind. You've probably seen silly things where a person is hypnotized into acting differently. Subliminal is basically the same idea. The whole point is to be hypnotized and receive suggestions that bypass your conscious mind.

With that said, isn't hypnosis and subliminal hypnosis basically the same thing? The answer is no. The concept is the same but the way it is actually implement is different.

How Does Subliminal Hypnosis/Covert Hypnosis/Conversational Hypnosis Work?

When a person is hypnotized, usually he understands that he is about to get hypnotized. For this reason, a hypnosis session with a professional can result in mixed results. When a person is too uncomfortable about hypnotized, the session may not be successful. Sometimes it gets into the person's head too much and they never really accept the hypnotist's suggestions and commands.

This type of hypnosis is different because you don't even know that you are being hypnotized. While you may understand that you are receiving hypnotic suggestions and commands, you are not sitting down in a hypnotic session where a person is trying to put you in a trance.

You can basically function like a regular person while receiving commands. At a certain point, your brain starts to forget about the fact that you are receiving these commands and suggestions resulting in the unconscious mind to start accepting them. Learn more about 

Wrong Terminology For This Hypnosis

What's the catch here? Because can be very confusing for people looking to buy a product that can help to improve something in their life. And the catch is that company online are selling audio CDs Mp3s that help to get rid of bad habits, or improve things such confidence, public speaking and so on ... by combining their audio hypnosis with the subliminal audio technology winch is different thing form the Subliminal Hypnosis even called Covert Hypnosis or Conversational Hypnosis.

And makes bit confusing for non expert! Don't get me wrong I am not saying that those products are bad actually those audio CDs and Mp3 are very good in creating new habits or improving people life.

But the terminology is abused here, by confusing the original term Subliminal Hypnosis/Covert Hypnosis/Conversational Hypnosis which is a techniques that one of greatest clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Milton H. Erickson created way back in 50-60s. He's was able to recreate in normal conversation a state of hypnosis by using special techniques. And with this type of hypnosis was able to get the same results or even better like a normal session of hypnosis.

Now that I have clarified this part I would to say the audio Cds, Mp3s that you find on the market in most of the cases combination of this four things: regular hypnosis, subliminal audio technology, binaural bits brainwave entrainment audio, and relaxing music. In next paragraph I will give a brief overview of the things you accomplish with does type of audio CDs and Mp3s.

The Massive Possibilities
This Hypnosis Holds

Subliminal can be used by with audio tracks. The person will listen to a track with embedded suggestions and commands. What this does is that it allows you to carry you throughout your regular day while forming positive habits, learning new skills, and making the changes you want in your life.

Subliminal hypnosis book

A good example of subliminal being used is an audio track that is designed to help you form positive beliefs. Many people have problems with self esteem. The audio track will embed new beliefs and you will start to shed your past beliefs. People that are looking for self improvement will benefit from such tapes.

These audio tracks can also be used for various things such as improving your memory, helping you learn things faster, and improving your overall mood. There are many possibilities with this method of hypnosis and you should look for what kinds of solutions are available. There are tracks on everything from helping you lose weight, improving your golf game, to improving your people skills.

Is This Way Of Learning
Actually Proven?

Does this type of hypnosis actually work? The answer is yes. Many people have formed new beliefs, changed old habits, and formed positive habits as a result of using these audio tapes. The unconscious mind is slowly trained to believe the suggestions that are in the hypnosis track. There are numerous people that have benefit from using these audios to make change in their lives.

The changes will not be seen within a matter of days. Everyone will respond differently to using subliminal hypnosis tracks. Some will see results very quickly while others will need to use it for a while until they start seeing the changes that they want. It is best that you are consistent in using the hypnosis tracks and stick to it for a long time if you want results.

The bottom line is that it works. It tapes into the unconscious mind and changes you over time. While the method works, it is recommended that you make a conscious effort in making changes as well. People usually see better and faster results by combining the conscious and subconscious mind. If you want to learn more about this type of hypnosis, you can look up different case studies, programs, and methods to get a better idea of how to use it for your own life. 

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