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 The 11 Forgotten Laws!


As soon I got The 11 Forgotten Laws audio course, I have listened it form first lessons to the last one, in one go. And I did that in one night, it took me good few hours. And to my surprise I WAS REALLY DISAPPOINTED. I said  to my self:


I am getting really stupid to spend my money on this product” ! And that was it! My reaction after the first listing.

So went to bad that night really late and kind of angry at myself because I've spent that money in that program. So I decided to forget about this Laws at list while sleeping.

Once I got that morning was Saturday I've a strange feeling like “curiosity feeling” like the one a kid has before unwrapping the Christmas presents. But I thought to myself “I shouldn't feel like this” because I've already unwrapped my presents ( The 11 Forgotten Laws ) by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey!!

But as my general rule I'm always take time to investigate my feelings. So I did that time! So after asking myself few question and I've found out that I wanted to know more just like the kids with this Christmas presents!

And I say if “I spent this money on this The 11 Forgotten Laws course and I have 60 day for using it before I can ask my money back, why I shouldn't give it an other try!” But this time I decided to watched the introductory videos made by only Bob Proctor about every single Law. So I did.

And that was some experience, that Bob Proctor is really great in explaining this very theoretical concepts in very easy way. This time took bit longer but I want really to understand the Laws. After the videos I went on with the main course all day.

The 11 Forgotten Laws logging area

When I finished for the second time I was really still confused but even more intrigued from all this concepts, ideas, techniques and process.

After that I decide to follow the instruction of Bob Proctor which says to study one lesson at the time over a period of week or more until you feel you really getting. And go back after some time to study it again. In this way what you actually do is to increase your level of awareness over time, which is the key element of any improvement as mention many times throughout this website.

"Here a lesson for you when you buy this product follow the instruction, because The 11 Forgotten Laws program itself has been designed in that way for a reason. And the reason is to increase your awareness."

You cannot get the most out of these lessons by reading them once or twice. They should be read often and studied with scrutiny. You will find with each reading something clearer than before.

The 11 Forgotten Laws
Audio Course Disc 1-12 Review

Review Disc 1 Working With the Law

Introductory CD is an explanation what The 11 Forgotten Laws audio program is about on how Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey they came to know about the secret. They start talking about The Secret and The Law of Attraction . Bob says that he came to know about the secret, when for the first time he had a chance to listen to the first recorded message on the secret from 1959, Earl Nightingale, called the “Strangest Secret”.

And even Mary Morrissey goes on in saying how she came to know about the secret, by following the teaching of Raymond Holliwell and after that she has started teaching it. Now they've specified that they had different approach to this secret (Law of Attraction), but it is the same thing.

This Secret that is base for The 11 Forgotten Laws was well known from the religions and philosophies throughout the ages and mentioned in their ancient holly texts. This Secret is no longer a secret, here it is: We become what we think about”!

They go on by saying nobody is victim of circumstance if one works in harmony with the Laws which is the only way anyone can benefit from the secret. I quote a phrase which the author Raymond Holliwell starts the book, from which the program is based, as follow:

“When a circumstance arises, we are not to come under it, to submit to it in servitude. We are to surmount it, to overcome and master it by exercising the creative law of thinking. And thus, grow in wisdom and power.”

So Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey they go on about how important his to put yourself in harmony with the Laws and it's the only natural way to live a life in “Abundance”. And the who's not in harmony with the laws will live life of suffering. Learn more about >> Bob Proctor audio program Special Offer!


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