The 11 Forgotten Laws Review Continued Disc 2-4


Review Disc 2 Law of Thinking

For this lesson of The 11 Forgotten Laws I would like to start from sharing what Bob Proctor said, he quotes : The only thing about a man that is man is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig or a horse". - Pulitzer

Prize– winning playwright Archibald MacLeish's play The Secret of Freedom, Bob Proctor goes on saying that for most people life is mysterious. An “Incomprehensible” problem but the authors are saying that the understanding of the Law of Thinking and his application will help them in finding the solution to their mystery, and I would like to add "their own path in life”!

So It goes on say that mind is the origin of our experiences in life, so we need to pay attention to our predominant mental state of mind. Because the lead mental state has the power to create anything.

We have to understand that our mind creates our reality the bank account, the x-ray or the school marks, or the sales sheet, are reflection of our predominant state mind.

  1. Reality is Create from your thoughts
  2. Life is not mystery but is a create from you
  3. Predominant state mind effect your experiences in your life
  4. Thoughts is the base of anything

This main key points of this lesson but Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey go really deep in expatiation of our mind works. This lesson of The 11 Forgotten Laws last well over 45 minutes!

Review Disc 3 Law of Supply

This very starting point were the authors they ask you to understand that we must be happy but never satisfy in order to to tap into the Law of Supply. This Law states there is not limited supply of things or ideas because the all come from one source which is infinite.

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They starting the this lessons of The 11 Forgotten Laws by quoting the New Testament where Jesus is saying, “Ask and it shall be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

This quote is the key! The authors are saying that not be afraid to ask for you whatever we want, because Universe is infinite just like our powers we have within, because we come from the same source. Whenever you demand something, the need is there if the consciousness is there. And if the consciousness is not, it won't be.

They go on by giving real examples of how this Law of Supply works and how anyone can get in harmony with it, so that can live of abundance and no limitations. And Bob Proctor give the process for working with this Law. I'd like to close the review of this lesson with quote “There's always a better way to do everything and you've got to be looking for that better way. Seek and you will find”. This lesson of The 11 Forgotten Laws last about 40 minutes bit long but good.

The 11 Forgotten Laws
Review Disc 4 Law of Attraction

This the lesson is the main lesson laws in The 11 Forgotten Laws, yes the Law of Attraction. Here what the law states: “whatever we image in mind, whatever we expect and think about, will tend to bring into our lives the things and conditions that are in harmony therewith”. According to the authors.

The 11 Forgotten Laws,  Law of Attraction

So they go deeper in explaining the Law of Attraction the fact that whatever our predominant state of mind is, will find a match in the real world. Everything we hold constantly in mind we tend to attract.

Bob Proctor and Mary Massey, they give us a simple process which based 3 steps that I have well implement in my life. Also they tell us why rich people are rich for generations and at contrary poor people are poor for generation. The authors share the strategies that anyone have to follow for working in harmony with the Law of Attraction.

And most of all they explain in details how you/me are the responsible for weather we experience at each moment in life. And they show how a different approach (level of awareness) techniques anyone can attract anything he/she desires.

Also they explain the role of desire, expatiation,attention have in the attraction process. Very different way explanation of the Law of Attraction compare to the famous movie The Secret or other programs out there. This lessons of The 11 Forgotten Laws last about 45 minutes! Learn more about Bob Proctor audio program Special Offer!


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