The 11 Forgotten Laws Review Continued Disk 5-7


Review Disc 5 Law of Receiving

In The 11 Forgotten Laws audio program the Law of Receiving is an important part of the puzzle, is the one thing many people forget about, in everyday life. Bob Proctor mention Napoleon Hill in quote: When money starts coming, it will come so fast and furious that you're going to wonder where it's been hiding through all those lean years.It's in the giving is the receiving.

This is key factor of the lesson like just cause and effect they go together. But after giving one needs to be in a state of receiving. So they go on and show a scientific process where anyone can adopt to practice The Law of Receiving. I believe this lesson push you to need more generous in all your affair.

My understanding in short version whatever we want to create has various phases and Law of Receiving is part of the Law of Attraction. And we activate the Law of Receive trough giving in scientific way, consistent, regular giving.

In this lesson the authors go really deeper in e explaining the concept behind. You have to listen few times before you grasp it. And this lesson of The 11 Forgotten Laws last about 35 minutes!

Review Disc 6 Law of Increase

The 11 Forgotten Laws

This is very good Laws of Increase is states the way to change our point view that change about things and circumstances trough increase level of awareness, or some would call level of vibration.

How we do this? by praise, praising people and circumstances. For this reason this law can be called the Law of Praise. Anyone can do this before we receive Is relate to how capability to receiving. Praise has to be done not only with mind or mouth but we have to do it we the heart.

The authors give the examples how people used this practice to increase their health and financial life. And give scientific research where there results of people who practiced praising had better health blood pressure, cholesterol and so on....In the other and the people who didn't practice praising they were less healthy .

I personally believe of the act of praising is good thing but has to be done with heart. Bob and Mary here in this lesson they explain much better then me here why is the good to practice this Law of Receiving as catalyst of the all other 11 Forgotten Laws.

The lesson last about 30 minutes, also I've to say this is the easiest Law to understand but very difficult to apply this why repetition here is the key application. Learn more about Bob Proctor The 11 Forgotten Laws Special Offer!

The 11 Forgotten Laws
Review Disc 7 Law of Compensation

I can say that the Law of Compensation can be expressed by saying: “what ever you give is whatever you get”. Whatever you receive is the sum of your energy you put in place. Here a Law of Compensation explained from Earl Nightingale quote, as follow: “the amount of money we earn is always going to be in exact ratio to the need for what we do, our ability to do it and the difficulty there is in replacing us”.

This alone says everything and it worth the price of the The 11 Forgotten Laws audio program. Like the other lessons Bob & Mary they go on expending this concept (for 45 minutes) by giving examples and techniques that help to apply this Law of Compensation!

Key point of this lesson is that: ”the bigger and better image we have of our-self the better we manifest in life”. Also the authors say that whatever we need is here, and all experience we have are for reason for our higher good. So we need to build big image in mind so the more we became and the more we can have. They go back about the Law of Thinking we need to have better thoughts that increase our feeling good. The process is focusing the good and it will increase, trough the use of the Law of Compensation!

So thoughts are usual the key to manifest anything! And I'd like to add consciousness is the key to change what you think. They close this lessons of  In The 11 Forgotten Laws with good “ 3 steps process” for implement this Law of Compensation. Learn more about >> Bob Proctor audio program Special Offer <<


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